Soul Scroll / Holy Roller - A Prayer Machine

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iconEye The Soul Scroll or Holy Roller as Offred calls it. This is my tribute to The Handmaid's Tale. A world not far from ours where women are so devalued a machine is allowed to think, read and pray but they are not. They must order and pay for their prayers by phone from the Soul Scroll store and fund the elders of the country of Gilead.

It is live at @SoulScroll1 on Twitter so ask it for a prayer with the directions below:

You need to follow and then wait to be followed by the Soul Scroll to be authorized. If you are a citizen of Gilead you will be followed by the eye.

Use these emoji to order a prayer to be read for you. Then you will get a reply with the prayer that was selected for you by the eye and the Elders of the Republic of Gilead.

Health: Wealth: A Death: A Birth: Sin:

Here is how Margaret Atwood describes them in the book:

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This is amazing I'm sad it's past payout so I can't give you a vote. The handmaid's tale is one of my favourite all time books, so horrifying but beautifully written.

Thanks for the comment. Yes Steemit seems to only reward the new. What about the old things people post that get discovered later? I think the voting still helps draw an audience so the the more votes the better.

I still want to build a Compuphone app interface so people can order prayers from their phones. I found Steemit because of my work on this piece. I wanted a micropayment system so people could order prayers and be charged for them. I was hoping that someone could order a prayer by an up vote but that only gives 7 days for a transaction to happen. Maybe there is another way?

Perhaps I should hook this Holy Roller up to Steem. I am not getting much response on Twitter. I think I will write a post on my plan to connect the Soul Scroll up to Steemit.

Yes, I like the writing in Handmaid's Tale also. It is so sparse and leaves a lot up the the imagination.

I was thinking about doing more artwork inspired by dystopian tales. I was thinking of the Illustrated Circuit diagram from "A Canticle for Leibowitz", maybe Hal from 2001, a Big Brother poster with camera and video screen eyes.

I have another work inspired by a book, Persuasion by Jane Austin Gravel Walk

I like your avatar picture. I did something similar using a scanner. self

Well the post needs a payout date in order for us to get paid, there have been discussions on ways to extend payout time. Cool pic!

Thanks, 7 days works fine. I just have to build an audience. My artwork seems to get recycled into new forms anyway.
I want to build something that hooks into the steem api to do monetary transactions anyway.

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