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Hello Monday lovelies !

since a few days we have the visit of the snow on the summits of our surrounding mountains,
and the temperatures have dropped by about ten degrees,

the good news is that we have now entered the cocooning phase and Christmas drawings! ^_^

So here is our picture of the day, a cheerful young lady who can hardly hide her enthusiasm for Christmas 😄


Bonjour les amis du Lundi !

depuis quelques jours nous avons la visite de la neige sur les sommets de nos montagnes environnantes,
et les températures ont donc chuté d'une dizaine de degrés,

la bonne nouvelle est que nous sommes entrés à présent dans la phase de cocooning et de dessins de Noël ! ^_^

Alors voici notre tableau du jour, une joyeuse demoiselle qui peut difficilement cacher son enthousiasme pour Noël 😄



Here you have all the steps in pictures

Vous avez ici toutes les étapes en images 😊


This blue-eyed blondinette is inspired by my goddaughter Solea 😊

Children give meaning to Christmas by their joy and wonder, and by the anticipation that they show during the whole holiday preparation period , isn't it ..? 😉


Cette blondinette aux yeux bleus m'est inspirée par ma filleule Solea 😊

Les enfants donnent un sens aux fêtes de Noël par leur joie et leur émerveillement, et par l'anticipation dont ils font preuve durant toute la période qui précède, n'est-ce pas..? 😉


Have a wonderful day my Lovelies !


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And find also my paintings on my website !!


Et retrouvez aussi mes tableaux sur mon site dans notre fabulicieux royaume ! !!




Collect my art on

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Is it at very young Barbara ?😂
I will not say she's !DERANGED but... jumping like that... maybe she had too much !BEER 🙃😜🙃

Haha ! beer and deranged go well together, don't they ? Do you think I could also invoke a token like a crazy, err I mean like you ? 😄 I don't know the rules and I'm damn lazy

Rules? RULES? Since when do you follow the rules? 😂
O wait, you're talking about !BEER and !DERANGED minds...

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Hey @barbara-orenya, here is a little bit of BEER from @pixelfan for you. Enjoy it!

I am always amazed by your creativity and how you come up with so many cute and fun creations


Thank you much for your amazement my friend ! 😊
and dmute1.pngfor the token too !

It is totally my pleasure :)

Super ! J'adore ! :)


Very beautiful!

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