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It is an everlasting struggle for a lot of artists to talk about their artwork. There are a lot of reasons. Today I want to talk about one of them.

When an artist tells too much about the meaning of an artwork there is no room for interpretation. A pure experience of visual language is taken away.
An artwork that resonates with the spectator has a moment of recognition or surprise. A bond of some sorts between the spectator and the artwork. This is a very beautiful and powerful experience. Maybe even the whole reason to show art.
That bond doesn't have to be about the message the artists wants to give. It could very well be that the message of the artist isn't much more than his/her own interpretation.


Hey @barbaarseevelien , I absolutely love this painting. This is my favorite piece of work I've seen in weeks, and I really mean that.

Love it. I would buy a print :)

Oh wow, thank you so much. This is absolutely my favorite comment! And it will be in the blockchain forever :).

MWUHAHA to the critics who say my work is too negative and emotional. I think I will print your comment.

If you are serious about buying a print we can work something out. If not, thats totally okay to!

Hey man, I'm not joking! I really mean that, that shit is great! Print it away!

I am serious yet I'm in a financial crisis right now. I would be willing to pay for one in SBD once I get some payouts if you'd be interested in that? Otherwise, I'm totally down to buy one traditionally, I just need to wait a month or so to get my finances in check!

I'm very serious about buying a print. I love it. I'm no art critic but I know what I like and I have a soft spot for art like that. Plus I love supporting people I actually have a chance to connect with!

I come back to you with what I think is a reasonable price. I think I am open to being paid in SBD but I need to think about it a bit because I never thought of that possibility. Do you have a way for me to contact you?

I totally get that. Also, like I said, I'm also down to pay you traditionally I just need to get some things in order here first.

If that's easier for you, I won't forget!

Anyways, I could give you my email? Or do you have discord? I'm very novice at it, but it seems a lot of people here use it. Whatever works. Or on here, too; whichever

I am also novice, I think Discord would be the best. I don't know yet if it is a good idea to write down your email here. Seems to be enough problems with spammers on Steemit to be a bit cautious. My discord name is the same as here. Whats yours?

Yup, I agree, that's why I suggested Discord. I believe my name's the same as it is here, as well. I made an account weeks ago because a user here offered to give me advice but I never really used it because he became really popular here and I didn't really have questions I felt were important enough to bother him with, haha.

I will log back in and check my username, or add you if I can figure out how to do that

I think I found how to do it but I need your four-digit tag. If you are logged in you can see on the left bottom under your avatar four numbers

this is very true and something that we all have experience as artists

thank you for making this lovely post!

the picture is also very cool <3


Thank you very much. It is a digital painting I made today. While painting it I was thinking how bad it for this painting would be if I had to explain what it is about. It would ruin the experience. Thats why I decided to write about the struggle.

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