Azbeens 36 days of type

in art •  last month 

So I decided to take part in the "36 days of type" project this year.
I've been progressing slowly in my free time and this is how far I've come.
The idea is that all the letters are characters.







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Gosh these are absolutely charming, @azbeen ! I can definitely see the letters but they are seamlessly integrated to the personalities of the characters so well * ___ * Gorgeous design and very lovely colours, also <3 <3 <3

Love your style, so much !

I featured you recently in an artist's highlight post, if you had missed it, here it is :D


Thanks for the kind words, I'm happy you like them. I've been contemplating whether to discontinue this series and focusing on something else, so your praise gives me motivation to continue. Also, I wanted to say thank you for the feature. I wasn't aware of it. I really appreciate it. You rock!