WEEKLY ARTZONE WINNER! - Analysis of "The creation of Adam" by michelangelo- @alejandromata

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Congrats, you just won 10 SBD from @artzone curators!

Winner: @alejandromata



@rocksg : Who has not heard about the famous mural painting named "The Creation Of Adam" By Michelangelo?Actually it is the set of nine paintings depicting the Genesis stories that Michelangelo Buonarroti painted on behalf of Pope Julius II in 1508 in order to decorate the vault of the Sistine Chapel. Completing this work took about four years, and no wonder, the totality of these paintings occupies more than 500 square meters. We have seen this painting several times on internet, Televisions, New papers and Books. But we have never tried to know the meaning of this great piece of art. Every single figure painted in this mural has a special meaning and has a certain purpose. @alejandromata has done a great job in writing this post and has done a lot of research. I loved reading his post thoroughly and now I have a better understanding about this great painting. If you are a true lover of art, read the whole post at least once and your overall perspective about Michelangelo and his paintings will be changed forever. I can only say that an artist's eyes see what the world cannot see and understand easily.

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art by @rocksg

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I have no words to describe the joy I feel at this moment, I am very grateful to receive this award. Now I feel much more motivated to continue with my analysis of artistic works.

The award is a very important help for me as a Venezuelan, with the money received I will be able to subsist a few months a little more comfortable, really thank you very much.

I will continue using the hashtag #artzone with much more pride.

ART is really, all we have..

Everything worth doing and studying, is an "art".

Que bien, Viva Venezuela Hermano!

Gracias mi pana. Por cierto, tu contenido está muy interesante.

I hope I win someday. Congratulations to the winner for today.

OMG.... Wow
Congratulations @alejandromata

Weldone @artzone. This is amazing

Rahul, I love this post!

DAMN man you really came thru for us on this footer art, STUDIO Quality very creative.

Thankyou so much for putting up with me, cause I am a "bitch". I made you do it 3 times and I said ok.

STUNNING man, I am crying here...

Love the project, incentivised, rewarding and promotes great content: the perfect tool for an upandcoming artist

That's a superb piece of work.Congratulations to the winner.Thank's to @surfyogi sir for this kinds of contest.This is adding some quality content to the platform.

Rewarding a stealing picture ( no matter the link included ) means Promoting ORIGINAL FineArt or Improve Comedy on STEEM? @artzone

close up.

and then later

nothing is free.

That's just so wrong, but funny..

Awesome inside story of the greatest story.

Congrate to @alejandromata winner weldon for the good work @surfyogi

awesome the project, incentivised, rewarding and promotes great content: the perfect tool for an upandcoming artist...@artzone

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