ART CHOICE AWARDS are on STEEMIT // how to joint ➡️ Just click in the post to read the information ℹ️

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Is a project who as born since in the art environment doest exists
We are trying to recognise the hard work of the artist .

{ HOW IT WORKS } we are not asking user to delegate power
we only ask if for the support to all STEEMIT community to RESTEEM or LIKE that’s what we only asking

This project will be grow up with all the users help

TO BE IN THE SELECTION { will be simple } only with our tag { #artchoiceawards } you will be automatically in to the AWARD

NOTE ; ART CHOICE AWARDS is not a contest

the choice will be manually selected . We will selecting 10 artist

this award will be with hight quality selection
With the purpose to recognise to all the hard work and talent of all our art artists

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