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RE: Heart Chakra Digital Painting Time Lapse Video, Animated Music Video and 10 Braintenna Images

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Truly amazing work. I'm an artist, but I haven't done much digital work other than photomanipulations. I have been working with Gimp for a while now, but wanting to get back to photoshop and dedicate more time to the digital art world. Finding your page has given me a big boost of motivation to do so. You are going to do awesome here on Steemit. Glad i found your page. I am following for more.

I am going to have to check into a few of those programs you mentioned. I was wondering, what software do you use to record the process? Also how long did it take you to make that music video?


Hi @art-mess. Thank you kindly for your compliments. Nice to meet you. So to record your screen you have a variety of options but if you have a bit newer version of Quicktime you should be able to find it in your navigation menus up at the top of your screen.

And the Music Video took about 100 hours in total. Maybe a bit more. I stretched it out over a few months kind of plugging away as I could in between other projects. I definitely bit off more than I could chew as a one man team on a crazy limited budget, but I did my best.

Thanks for your reply. I will check that out. That seems quick for one person on such a big project. Much Respect. You must have hundreds of thousands of hours of experience/trial and error.

Yes I work many hours a day, everyday. :)

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