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Ahoy maytes!

Moloch devours the city. Strange creatures appearing in the city give rise to enticing dissociation tunnels. Huge Gloomy Woodpeckers seek out the following victims. The city can only be saved by the arrival of the Turtle Moritz and his mistress ... But they are far away and moving too slowly - the city is doomed. Who will help them?



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It is really wonderful your illustration and see the whole process in viedeo is excellent, it is incredible I liked a lot!

Congratulations for your first curie vote , I hope to continue seeing your excellent work, a big hug @arrr

Thank you :)

Love this, @arrr ! Your grasp of composition is simply amazing... * ___ * The way the elements are put together and the narrative you've built with a single picture tells a LOT of stories :)

Love the illusion of perspective also, and the winding road, and the expression of the biggu tunnel thing !!! And the looming large gloomy woodpeckers at the far background are very nicely placed! and the detailing of people whooshing into the enticing dissociation tunnel.... * __ * Amazing work !

Looking forward to your updates every day, @arrr <3

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Thank you very much, @veryspider :D

Congratulations @arrr!
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Cool! Thanx a lot! :D

Hi @arrr , is very interesting to see the video about how your digital painting was created. Liked a lot!

Thank you, @leilanyarevalo :)

That is so cool! I love that tunnel! It does look dangerous to me and I don't thin kit's a good idea for those people to get in there. Ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun :D Those gigantic woodpeckers don't look friendly either.. and what are those other eyes coming out of the dark?

I'm not sure how they will be saved but I hope that they'll manage :)

I love the composition, the perspective and how you created the dark night with the light leading to the tunnel with eyes and teeth :)

Thank you for sharing! And congratulations on your curie vote!

Well, shibber me timbers! I haven't seen a fine piece of art as good as this in a long time and I've traveled the seas of Steem for a while I must tell ya! The composition and lighting work are great your no landlubber that's for sure!

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Aye, me mate. Thank ye very much, I be 'onored with such an award!

I hope they save themselves from the doomed city, can they? Your drawing is a really nice one and its kinda coveys that feeling of doom in it, its kinda lurking around. Lol

Nice piece!

Thank you, @audreybits!
Will they save themselves from the city of doom, a good question. We'll probably find out that from the next episodes.

That's awesome! I hope the next episode comes up soon...

this is real magic! you are so talented my friend and you got your own personal touch! you should make a novel or a short video, we will check your work by now on, thanks for sharing you art, you deserve at least 5 mins of clapping hands

Whoa this is really nice! The lighting is pretty well done, it makes the picture look gorgeous and stylistic.
Congrats for your first curie vote. Well done :).

Thank you, @scrawly.
I will try to do my best :)

Hi arrr,

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Recently found out about your blogs after someone shared it on discord. Pretty cool stuff you got going here. I like the dystopian feel to this piece and it shares a common theme with your previous works. :D

Thank you, @adamada :)

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That was fascinating to watch! Wow. I'm super impressed!

It is so cool to watch you at work @arrr :) I like seeing how it all started and how you finished it, the process is intriguingly inspiring. I love how scary the tunnel looks yet it looks adorable too with the eyes and teeth. It reminds me of one of those alien movies, coming to conquer earth. How long did it take for you to complete this piece?

This differs from the case. But usually a few hours of drawing, stretched for several sessions.

Ah cool. May I ask, what software do you use @arrr? Does it also record directly every action you take?

Posted using Partiko iOS

For painting I use PS/SAI/Krita or something like that, fov capturing video VLC :)

I enjoyed being able to watch the process it took to make this work.