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Now that STEEM is crawling back out of the toilet, I am wondering if I should return to posting and offering handmade STEEM and logo items either on Steemit or in the ArnadilloLeather Shop on Etsy. Its been nearly a year since I have bothered with any of the STEEM and Steemit leather goods I used to manufacture. I have always had a lot of admirers but few cared enough to actually purchase anything. The items and the time to promote them just became a big waste of my time and money.

But with possibly a new crypto bull market beginning, should I put the shingle back out on Steemit? Will anyone give a crap?

To review what I used to make...

Minimalist Card Wallets with the Steem logo....

...or the Bitcoin logo.

Money clip card wallets...

...and magnetic money clips.

Steemit Key Fobs...

...and belts.

And even Steemit hatbands.

So, is there anyone out there that is interested in these kinds of handmade leather items? Is it worth my time to "come back from the dead" on Steemit or do I need to wait another six months till everyone has made a boat load of cash and Steem is $1?

Head on over the the ArmadilloLeather Shop on Etsy to check out a LOT more handmade, colored and assembled leather goods made by yours truly, Armadilloman.

And please comment and let me know if I should revive the Steemit Leather Shop or if you think I would just be wasting my time.


I'm in on a card wallet and money clip, but it will take a week or two back at the keyboard to get the sbd.

Thanks for the encouragement. I can do USD through Etsy for any item. Or Steem. If there is enough interest I will put the Steem Shop posts back up.

Have you looked at @homesteaderscoop?
I've made a couple steem purchases there of books and seeds.

I don't do dollars, no bank account.

So I guess maybe I should be making a Tron symbol wallet now.

So I guess maybe
I should be making a Tron
Symbol wallet now.

                 - armadilloman

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