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I am Home - by Darren Claxton - Produced and Mastered by @davidfar

By: @darrenclaxto


This song has so many dynamics and power, that I was really struggling with my limited production and mastering skills, So, I messaged by Broken Ocean partner @davidfar and asked him to work his magic, and did he ever?


Needlework Monday - Making a cactus for storing needles and pins

By: @garnet1


I thought to myself: how is this future seamstress without needle cases!?))) I decided to show you my work today. Now my needles will live on a cactus.)))


A Glimpse into the Rural Indian Village Life- Kodiyala #Part 2

By: @itravelarts


I was fortunate enough to visit this place Kodiyala - 4 hours drive from Banglore- a small village with about 3400 people. Walking past the coconut trees and sugarcane fields one gets to see a real village rural life.


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