Chibi Unicorn Girl + COMMISSIONS OPEN

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     Hello friends! from today I will start a chibi serie (◕ ◡ ◕). This style is very adorable and I really enjoy using it. Today's afternoon I made this little unicorn girl and I want to share with you the process of its creation ❤


     1. I satarted by a hand-made sketch and later, with the Paint tool SAI program, I made the digital lineart with a mouse.


     2. I applied the base colors.


     3. I added shadows, lights and details. I also added the unicorn's ears.


♡ Palette of colors used ♡




     I want to announce that I am totally available to make commissions! You can request the orders you want via Discord (Anrux#2912).

♡ Full Body ♡

Chibi Lineart: 1.5 SBD
Chibi Ultimate: 2 SBD
Chibi GIF: 2.75 SBD

♡ Head ♡

hd2.pnghd.pngc (1).gif
Chibi Lineart: 0.3 SBD
Chibi Ultimate: 0.75 SBD
Chibi GIF: 1 SBD
Simple lineart, of the color you prefer, so you can color it by yourself.
Finished illustration, with all the details you want.
   Animated GIF, where your chibi can perform up to 3 different movements.

How to make the order?

♡ First you have to write me by Discord (Anrux#2912) and explain what type of commission you are interested in and how exactly you want your drawing to be (please be very detailed).

♡ I will confirm that I am fully available to make your order, I will tell you how long it will take for me to finish it (it may be between 2 and 3 days) and you will be reminded how much you have pay.

♡ You must make the transfer for the agreed amount.

♡ Finally, I will mail you two versions of the work in high definition: one with a single or two-color plain background and another one with a transparent background.


♡ The copyright will still to belong to me, since I will use the works to publish them in my portfolios and social networks.

♡ Under no circumstances you should use the drawing when it comes to commercial matters.


I hope you liked and helped my post :3 If you have any questions let me know. You can support me with your votes and comments ♡

♡ Thank you very much! ♡



Your art is -inhales- SO FREAKING CUTE

I was wondering, do you mind fanart? As in, me fanarting(?) -yes, fanarting, new term- your art (linking you in the posts and everything, of course). I kinda want to mess with new and original artist (pero tu sabes, full pana).

-No se por qué te escribo en inglés si se que hablas castellano-

En fin, tu arte es como, super lindo skgjlas.

Jajaja ¡hola! muchísimas gracias por tu comentario ❤❤❤ Con respecto a hacer fanart de mi contenido, está bien, no tengo ningún problema mientras me des los créditos correspondientes ♡ Cualquier duda o si quieres hablarme acerca de los proyectos que tienes en mente puedes escribirme por Discord :3

Dear Artzonian, thanks for using the #ArtzOne hashtag. Your work is valuable to the @ArtzOne community. Quote of the week: Art, freedom and creativity will change society faster than politics. -Victor Pinchuk

This is such a cute drawing <3

Thank u very much ❤

Thank you very much!! ♡♡♡

yo quiero uno :C

Te hago uno para el art trade? jaja uno animado bien kawaii

si va! trata de combinarlo con mi avatar!, ah y ademas tengo una idea para nuestro art trade ;p (basicamente soy yo con cuernos, cola de demonio, dientes de cerrucho y mas ojeras)