Are you a fan of Hagrid? I AM ! Concept Art for a Challenge !

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Hi Everyone !

Now that I know that you enjoy mostly the images from my post, I decided I won't go too extensive into the descriptions and the why but mostly about the images and beautiful gifs only for you <3

Oh yeah, I know that you love my gifs!


(All the images are my own creation and so I own the rights of them)

Before we get started, I also made a video with the whole process for this one! So if you want to sit down with some popcorn (sweet pop-corn of course!) and enjoy it, scroll to the end of the post and hit play !


For this one I knew that I wanted to show Hagrid as the father of wild creatures and animals from the universe of harry potter. I wanted to make him cute, gentle and cartoonish. But non the less, like a big chubby guy

And yeah! I ended up with a Santa Claus

First of all, we gotta always make a lineart, this is the way we assure ourselves that the base is solid enough to start the painting process.

For this one I used the classic way:

  • Shape exploration (So we can have the shape language to communicate the idea).
  • First sketch (now we have to define few elements to have an idea after the shapes on it).
  • First clean up (damn! Time to clean the mess!).
  • Second clean up. (If you thought with the first clean was enough... no no, It's time for Mr. Muscle!).

And for this particular artwork:

  • Sketch of the creatures over the character
  • Clean up

And there you go ! The base seemed solid, everything right on its place. Always remember about the use of grayscale, this is very important since we want to use one element a-time.

The story-telling and design of this character was actually easy since this is a fully developed character. What I mean by this is that the story behind him is already developed and all the feelings about him are already discovered.

After some minor adjustements it's time for the COLOR


This is one of these times where we can help A LOT to the general mood of the artwork by working with color psychology. Even tho' it was already solved since the design from the movies I decided to accentuate these little things:

The character is warm and friendly, protector and righteous. He casts the image of the father of all the creatures and Harry itself. So we can (and should!) definitively play with a warm palette.

Red, reddish browns, some desaturated violets and some grays to neutralize the whole gradient of reds (these grays will actually get some bluish feeling because of the contrast with the warm).


We can even make an analysis of how the colors interact with each other (which is super useful for understanding the intentions of color and how the atmosphere is made).

This is called Color Spectrum and we can make it from any scene in movies, picture or other people's artworks. If you are curious you can even do it with mine !

Let's say that you already did with this particular artwork...

...then how would it look?

At the left you can see how the spectrum speaks by itself:


Warm-gray working as cold value in the palette
  • Warm colors everywhere: even the brown is working as warm. This actually gives the feeling to the viewer that desaturated colors (but still in the warm side of the palette) feel colder than the rest. Even tho they aren't (see next pic).

  • Pick up the accents: given by the high-value pink and yellow, these are working as highlights on the whole artwork. These are also working as focal points and give direction to the whole thing.

Speaking about focal points in this type of artwork it's pretty easy: Everything goes to the face, because there's where the eyes are at. So our eyes will always look for having some contact with the person in front of us before anything else.


And we don't have only one guy here but the artwork is actually full of characters. Different creatures on the canvas create this particular "path" for the eye:

It goes from the face, to the guys, to the rest of the body and comes back to the beginning (and repeats). This way we make sure that the spectator will stay as long as possible in the painting finding more and more details.

Finally, the direction of the body and shapes in general help a lot to give more dynamism to the piece. Preventing it from being boring and repetitive.

The colors seem just fine. The next step is all about giving a better stablish to the shadows and working on the rendering. For this i will make it super short gif where you can check it !


(Sorry for the heavy size of the gif)

At the end I decided that it would be good to add some really big contrast somewhere such as the bottom, that raging green against the whole structure of warm colors. And it worked pretty well ! This is because when we give some base or background to our characters, they feel like the are not flying, which is awesome because we also give to them some context and even more storytelling (which I love).

And that's pretty much all my steemians!

Remember that you can check the youtube video with the whole process in like 20x speed (I don't really remember how much faster it is, but it s only 6 minutes with really cool music from Harry Potter OST).

What are you waiting for? Go and check it ! =)


Thanks a lot for reading and thanks a lot for all the support you give me daily!

I hope you have a great day !


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The Harry Potter world and art are a wonderful fusion! Keep drawing! Followed!


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Great post, and precious how to!

Your posts are my favorite, seriously.


Thanks man! I really appreciate it! :D

All secrets revealed :D i have to see this step by step when i get home, thanks for sharing knowledge ;) this one is amazing


Hahaha I really hope it will be useful for you ;)

If you have any doubt please let me know =)

EDIT: I will start doing some Photoshop tutorials soon, maybe it will be useful !


It will be very useful for sure :)

Your work always astounds me - you are so so so talented. I just love seeing your stuff. Harry Postter is one of my favorite books/movies ever and you definitely captured the essence of Hagrid while maintaining your own style. I love all of your analytical decisions and they definitely stand on their own! Great work - great post - I love the .gifs! Upvoted and resteemed :)


Woha, I just wrote you such a long reply and it vanished :(

Okay here we go again: Thank you so much for your support @j-vo! Harry Potter's universe is one of my very favorites ! Actually I was thinking about doing a personal project about "how would Hogwarts be if it was placed in Sudamerica, Eastern Europe or Asia?" And so redesign the different roles of the school, masters and head of the institution depending of the myths and history of the place that it is located!. Such as if it was in Asia, dragons would be completely different, masters would dress completely in another way and would have completely different magic artifacts, potions, spells, etc.

Yup, amazing as always @anritco andale vamos!


Hahahah Arriba !

Thanks mate ;)

Amazing work. illustration is so attractive and beyond that, I love this beautiful posting. Definitely worth upvoting.


Thanks a lot @doramee !

Awesome post! Love your style and love how in depth you went with your process. Thanks for sharing!

It looks like Hagrid indeed! :D i love it <3


Thanks a lot @xxvjs ! I saw that you are from Poland ! I am actually living in Krakow, and your country is just AMAZING ! I've chosen it to be my home for the following years!


I'm glad you like it here ;) If you area bout to stay in Poland for a while, you must visit Wrocław!


I hope one day I will ! Actually I am starting to plan traveling from here to there now that my agenda is much more flexible. Are you from there?


Yes and I highly recomend it!

ahhh tremendo tutorial!, leí por ahí que hablas español, que bueno encontrar ilustradores digitales!, yo sigo estudiando y estudiando este mundo, pronto estaré creando cosas geniales, aunque me falta mucho para hacer un MEGA TUTO como este lol!, que buen contenido, te sigo y upvote de agradecimiento :)

Por aquí un poco de mi trabajo --> @treinorstudio


Jaja si, hablo español! Soy de argentina ! Estuve viendo tu blog y esta muy bueno! Te recomiendo usar el tag #art en tus posts como primero ya que ayuda a otros encontrar tus artworks ;)


Excelente @anritco, ya veo que eres de Argentina, además de ser un gran maestro de la ilustración también eres todo un estratega de marketing y seguidor de lo bueno ;) no hay tiempo que perder, sigamos creando, hasta otro post, gracias por la recomendación!

you make it look easy man


It doesn t need to be hard ;)


thats what she didn't say lol

Hah, that looks really good. I love how you explain the dynamics, eye movement and color harmony.

You did inspire me to just try to draw myself the other day and I did a cacao plant just with brushes. Not to be compared with your beauty here but certainly your influence. :)


Oh I m super happy that I inspired you ! I would love to see it! =)

Great rendering and a great lesson in composition. And your presentation of the WIP is so polished. Love it.


Thank you !

Very cool artwork!


Thank you !

digital art ?


Yes sir! PS CC 2015 =)

wtf :O rly nice u're god in draw man <3


Hahaha such a compliment ! Thanks a lot @illithas !

Wow ,you are super talented ,tutorial also looks super understandable . Very do


Thank you!

Thanks for the share, love the style.

Maravilloso @anritco , me gustaria aprender esa técnica .


Es todo cuestion de practicar mucho =)

Nice work bro and very good explanation


thanks mate!

love Hagrid >.<


There s two of us now ;)

I'm a big fan you have a great talent your drawing is amazing thanks a lot for sharing and keep on posting ;)


Thanks a lot !

Absolutely beautiful. You can see hagrids sweet demeanor in this. I love it


Glad that you liked it! =)

very nice, the amount of detail you put in is awesome! how long does a piece like this take?


This didn t really take a lot of time... I think five to eight hours =)

yes I am Hagrid fan...:) Harry Potter big time fav fan..!!
n this post is amazing :)

So how tall is Hagrid, bet he weighs alot, too. One could estimate his height, by comparing him to others.


Hagrid has a brother that is way bigger.

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Woah! How cool!!! I LOVE Harry Potter! You did a great job!

Wow that's awesome! Sure like Hagrit & the HP Saga

Very nice post!

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Wow! This is stunning!! :D It's soooo great that u are showing the WIP-Gifs too!
And a lot to learn about colors here. Keep it up bro! 👍✏️

I LOVe I illustration of Hagred! Beyond that the post makes me want to put down my camera and take another stab at learning to draw. Cheers!!!