Some WIPS - Can you Believe They Are All in The Same Artwork?! Pt.2

in art •  9 months ago

Hi Everybody !

On the Part one of these series I've shown you few of the close ups from a veeery big artwork I am doing. But that wasn't the end, no no no! Just the beginning!

Let's give it a look!

Remember that this is a veeeeery complex artwork since it has more than 40 characters in the same canvas. Which is EXTREMELY A LOT.

Probably gonna do more like these in the future, yet from a further POV (Point Of View) in order to make it with
a more theatrical style and capture the dramatic feeling of it.

I believe that this could be a great way of showing whole scenes and make interesting compositions. Not to say, also to show amazing stories going on on the canvas!

Not much more to say...

...can you believe that they are all in the same artwork??


And yes, as you can see... there is a lot of alcohol everywhere !! This is a party!!!

Thanks a lot for your support and I see you in the next one!

(All the images are my own creation and therefore I own their rights)


I always try to listen to the ideas of my fellow followers to improve my posts and to give something back to the community... therefor: What would you like the next posts to be about? What should I talk about? What kind of painting? Would you like some tutorials about arts, about cooking? Maybe some fresh gaming broadcast? I would love to know!

I apologize if I don't reply to your message. Sometimes I can't find enough time for it. But you can be sure that I will read it!


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Nice post!

It's good to read your article. Thanks for writing this article.

@antricto amazing and please update some tutorials on gaming broadcast

I always connected with you brother.
Really your post is great .
I'm right man. ?


Connection is the in thing. Without it, success is not possible.

Very nice artwork.
I just landed here by mistake, but it appears to be good fortune.
I like your drawing style, so I will now follow you to enjoy your other work.

are there any other steemit artist like you or which artist do you follow


Unfortunately there are not other professional artist with the same approach than mine (for video-game art-industry and cinematography) that I know. At least not yet =)

What the.. I've never seen such colouring before. Are you using pastels @anritco. You're on another level. I feel like I could write a story based on what you've presented in this post. You're anointed player..

Wow! I'm always amazed how good you do your art. How long have you been training exactly?


Damn, I'm ashamed so many talented people here :(


I agree! Everyday I find new amazing artwork by many steemians. I hope they can do something special for those people with skills and talent.


@sadpotato It's just skill, buddy... practice and study, and time =)

@gvincentjosephm I think I have practiced non-properly since like 9 years ago and recently (like one year ago) started practicing and studying for real =)

And regarding to Steemit giving rewards to skilled people, forget about it: Steemit became a platform where those who have more earn more and those who don't, just don't... despite of their skills and creativity. I am sorry to say it, but this is the way it is :(

I've been of fan of your work since I first crossed paths with you on steemit.
I'd love to see you on Trending more often.


Aww, thanks man! I really appreciate it! =)

Amusing article of art @anritco
its looking gorgeous with these photos .
I really liked this post.
and you described everything nicely ..
I am following you , and U are welcome to visit my blog once..
100% upvote received from me @shunnoo and his friend @banjo with love and respect.


But what if you don't like the person?


U are great . .

Well those are looking nice and amazing. 👍

It really nice.
I'm waiting for your next post.

Thank you for sharing this.


Me encanta, me recuerda un poco al estilo de las ilustraciones en el hearthstone


Claramente! Blizzard siempre fue una de mis inspiraciones, aunque ahora sigo mas mi propio estilo =)

Lovely work on the pint of beer and the smoking man's face. Reminds me of the Simon Bisley's classic work.

Wow! It looks wonderful, you're very talented!!
I'm learning how to draw in digital, but I'm not so good at painting backgrounds.
I just loved that beer jar!

It's a good piece!

This is coool. Hope I can make one of this someday.

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Nice. Following you.

Nice artwork It really is amazing. I hope your paintings will be appreciated by everyone.

great work. keep going

nice artwork!

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Nice artwork good

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