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It's been a busy, and tremendously inspiring summer.


Some of the fruits of this summer will only become apparent in the coming months, while others can already be seen, such as some of the artworks.

You see the painting I was working on in the above photograph?
Here it is, finished, or finished for now:

Finished painting

By the way...

A couple of years ago, I deleted my Facebook profile, irrevocably. Recently, I decided to rejoin that social media, so I have a new profile now. If you are on Facebook, the below link will take you straight there.

Sabina Nore on Facebook

Here's to an inspiring autumn for us all!

Sabina Nore

Sabina Nore


Very beautiful painting, @anibas ! I love how confident she seems to be <3 Her cool gaze is also wonderfully painted * ___ * the background is gorgeous, love that huge space window that displays the planets, and the underwater life behind it <3

I love the gems in the staff that she's holding, the blue is very iridescent and pretty * ___ *

Gorgeous work <3

I hope the busy season would settle down for you soon since it would be wonderful to see more posts from you here on Steemit :)

Glad you are enjoying the painting in all its details!

I appreciate the sentiment of your wishes, bur I hope it doesn't settle down too soon! I'm rather enjoying it. :)

Your painting shows confidence and I love that.

It has been a busy Summer for me as well, but soon Autumn will arrive and hopefully things will slow a bit :)

I'm glad you enjoy it, or love it even! :)

Busy isn't bad... It's not like anything has been forced upon me. More like I can't catch up with everything I need and want to do.
Rather enjoying it, too. :)

Awesome painting! But where is the 'Stuff'?

Well, the grand comeback to another social media, of course!
Granted, there could have been more stuff. Stay tuned for more! :)

Lol.. fair enough. Will stay tuned :)

Bella pintura Sabina. Se ve increíble.
Saludos cariñosos siempre.

Thank you.

Hermosa pintura, es muy atractiva. Un gusto saludarte Sabina
Abrazos 🤗

Thank you, also for resteeming.

I went to your Facebook page, what you do is really good. Sincerely.

My favourites..


You were thorough to get to those! That's a couple of my older works, both from 2012.
Thank you for bringing them back!

Dear Artzonian, thanks for using the #ArtzOne hashtag. Your work is valuable to the @ArtzOne community. Quote of the week: Art, freedom and creativity will change society faster than politics. -Victor Pinchuk

Que belleza de pieza, mucho talento con los creyones. Felicidades :)

Wow amazing art dear.

bello tu cuadro y donde lo pusiste?

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