Desert rose - oil on canvas.

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The desert, that yellow ochre and burnt sand.New ideas flash through my mind. A story leads to a dream leads to a poem leads to a song, (leads to a painting). Anything is possible in the desert.

Deserts Come and Deserts Go

Is it a desert, only time will tell,
a landscape between heaven and hell.
Every ten thousand years or so,
the ice will come, the ice then will go.

In one place the ocean throws water across the land,
another place flowers beyond numbers to count grow.
In time, only a desert will tell,
the span between heaven and hell.

Phillip Camitses

Desert Moons

Forwhom does this moon rise?
Who stands to share the nighted skies,
as evening falls and morning dies?
Whose eyes will search the velvet night
to find each drop of golden light?
Which heart will sing enchanted tunes
whose words are wrought of mystic runes
and woven into Desert Moons?

For whom does this moon shine?
Who stands beneath that ancient sine
and boldly claim this time is mine?
Whose hand will touch the velvet night
and tease the ripples of moonlight?
Whose fingers trace the muted runes
pressed deep into the silent dunes
reach out and find the Desert Moons?

Steven L Nielsen

Wild Horses

A herd of wild horses
galloping for fun
racing through the desert
watch the horses run

Running with their shadows
sweeping over the sand
these are wild,free horses
tamed to no man's hand

Sharon Snow

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Wow this is pretty awesome. What the heck man. I gave you 100 percent - you deserve more!

Very beautiful painting as well as poem :)

You are so talented, I love the colors and the composition! The poem in combination of your painting it's so touching . Love it

amazing picture <3

Love your posts keep the good tempo up :)

Great work of art, I appreciate the piece.

Your art is impressive, and the poems are lovely. I wish I could see your art closely because the details are amazing. Great job on this.

Im impressed! Nice work - especially the horse :D

Awesome. I love your artwork

beautiful work - would love to collaborate. feel free to share my poetry if it strikes you :) i will be sharing more of my poetry - can be seen on IG at @handwrittenreveries

The idea of the feather was great ... I can't fully understand this fine art deeeeeeply but it really expresses the meaning it's supposed to give...
at least i'm sure my subconscious understands it so that I enjoyed...

and the poems ..awesome..

You are a very talented artist, I love your works.

Love the sinaestetic idea that leads to this circle story-song-paintings, we also deal with this :)
Beautiful painting anyway, a touch of Surrealism with a personal style, congrats

such a nice painting dude!👌🏻

Beautiful art, It has stolen my heart.

Very beautiful piece! The sand dunes are pleasing to my eyes

As I can see, you are multitalented! Congrats :D

Hi! I'm new here. Really need help. Please vote My articles. I vote for yours. They are very good. Thank You!

Hey! Thank you. I love it! You seem interesting, you got my follow. Please consider following me for art, poetry and other awesomeness!

Cool artwork and beautiful colors. Hope to see more of your artwork! =)