Tú… tan sencillamente hermosa.

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Vengo a traer rimas, para disfrutar.
Ten de seguro, que te can a encantar.


Mujer, toda tú eres poesía.
Desde donde te vean.
Eres como una fantasía.
Muy real aunque no lo crean.

No eres hermosa en exceso.
Eres muy normal a la verdad.
Solo que tu mirada tiene peso.
Y tus palabras seriedad.

Mujer de intensa hermosura.
Mujer de espléndido andar.
Aunque quieran ponerte censura
No te deben acallar.

La belleza de la mujer no está en el maquillaje que lleve, o en la ropa o el adorno que cuelgue en su cuello.
Ostenta tu naturaleza.
Te presento también un poco del proceso de esta ilustración hecha en acuarela para ustedes.


@andreasalas (1).jpg
@andreasalas (2).jpg
@andreasalas (3).jpg


@andreasalas (4).jpg
Siempre dejando un saludo a las comunidades de @cervantes, @discovery-it, @la-colmena y @stellae. Gracias por el apoyo que brindan a los amigos de steemit.

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Copyright @andreasalas - All rights reserved

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@tipu curate

Always present. Welcome.

Well, you got me hooked in Inktober this year ;-) And I could tell you something about curation efficiency. Your posting is on 128 % from the tipu.online perspective from me curating it. So I'm glad I can participate in spreading the rewards in our favour. :-D

You are a very attentive person. Believe me, you have motivated me more than you think. That was like the little push I needed. We must all force ourselves to participate more in post of friends. Force us until it feels natural to really comment and share.

Thank you. Well, and from being that attentive I would not call it force or ceorsion. The opposite! Let's call it incentive, right? That's some form of emotional upswing. And it's not even manipulative from this perspective, because you do it anyway, right? And as soon as it's not worth it to you any more, well, why do it. And I'm exitingly looking forward to another season then. Again, thank you for your participation. Steem on!

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