Reproduction by hand of Comic Book Cover " Batman: The Killing Joke" in mechanical pencil

in art •  2 months ago


My name is Alex and this is my first post to the /Art category.

I used a basic large drawing notebook and a mechanical pencil. The drawing is significantly larger than the comic book original and no tracing was done to create the image. It was a lot of fun to do and took about 8 full hours to complete.

The cover of The Killing Joke is the image of the Joker taking a picture of the viewer.

I used to like to capture items that caught my attention and try to replicate them by sight.

I included a quarter in the pic so you can get a idea of the size of the piece. Thank you for looking.

Please let me know what you think. Upvote if you like it and I can post more !!!



The Killing Joke.jpg

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Looks great, would love to see more art of you!! :)


Thank you. I'll post more up soon.