"DEPTHS OF ETERNITY" - My Collaborative Art with @everlove. Greece, I Miss You!

in art •  8 months ago

I adore taking part in @evelove 's art journeys and didn't want to miss it again even being busy. I also installed new Photoshop and still need to investigate brushes etc.

So, I decided to make at least a quick picture.

Probably, because I am dreaming to go to Corfu this year, probably because we are watching a marvelous show "The Durrels" about a British family which moved to Corfu I made a picture devoted to Greece. By the way, if you need to watch something easy and relaxing I highly recommend this movie. I even can't understand why we so much enjoy watching it as I prefer complicated and tragic movies.

This collaboration work is made upon theINVITATION: Collaborative Art Journey..."DEPTHS OF ETERNITY" No. 36 --- This is your invitation to Collaborate! Whatever your expression, BRING IT ON! made by @everlove.

enter image description here

Picture offered by @everlove for collaboration:

enter image description here

Thank you again, @everlove for your great picture and the invitation!

Yours, @aksinya.

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Wow outstanding creativity .Nice art.carry on dear.


thank you

Awe.....cats! and Greece!!! I've never been to Greece but am knowing that is in my future. As for cats....they are in abundance at the @gardenofeden. I love the texture you've given this and the placement of your kitties, as if sitting on the stairs or looking through the window. Another great offering by @aksinya! Thank you for coming back out to play. It's great to feel your presence.


thank you, dear @everlove. It is always joy!

I like blue a lot, cats look very frisky. good job.


thank you)))

I, too, miss my on Greece ) I visited its in the past year. I see the sea and the blue sky of Greece in your art. In Greece I met very much cats, now you reminded me of it. Red cat on a blue background-a great combination! Thanks )


thank you very much!!!!!!!