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This surprisingly took me an entire day to make..well given the fact that I was also watching Stranger Things! I avoided watching it for a long time but after hearing it every single day from people around me I thought of finally doing it. Plus it wasn’t gonna affect my work so no harm there.

Honestly, I did not find it too incredible as I was told (don’t kill me ST fans) and to be brutally honest I was bored in some of the episodes. I don’t know if it’s just me but yep. Anyway, the chase and the monsters did capture my attention and hence I got a little late with this painting. Today I felt like using some warm colors unlike my previous one, and I think I am definitely using this style of dandelions in one of my upcoming paintings.









Keep Creating

Lots Of Love <3

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Thank you!

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I agree with you, this season of Stranger Things was nothing special. Beautiful artwork:)

Haha phew!
Thank you so much :)

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I can’t get into stranger things either @aishwarya. But I sure like this paint. Nice progress shots too.

Hahah :D
Thank you so much :)

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Thank you!

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