Woman in red dress - My illustration

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agnes laczo art print illustration funny cat woman in red dress smoking.jpg

Hey guys, how is your Sunday going ?

Here is one of my favorite illustration for you to make you smile !
This illustration is called : After a date.
I think this lady just got back home from a date with a man,
and finally she can smoke her cigarettes and start daydreaming
about her new love. I think something like this is what's happening.
Her cat is waiting for his food as always. Since he can eat all day long. :-)

Thank You for checking it out and for your support !

make my day.jpg

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Your description of this illustration seems to be spot on. She has the look of satisfaction in her face, the the cat knows it. 👍

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Such a lovely painting, Agnes. What a beautiful and charming scene. Excellent work!

I'm not that happy about the fact that she smokes ;) but for the rest I can see that she had a great time on her date :) She looks happy and in love. It's an adorable illustration but I'm sure that you know it :) I love her kitchen. The color combination is very nice and as usually I enjoy the way you paint :)

Thank you for sharing! Have a lovely Sunday!

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