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Hey guys,

Long time no see...

I have been super busy with painting each day, and
also on working on the renovation in the house.
My studio is almost done, but we decided to do the
hallways and the bathrooms as well, so i will have to
wait a bit more for moving in.
Actually it is not a problem, because the weather is
not that nice, and since we have to keep all the windows
closed because of the swallow ( birds) , it is kind of
cold inside the big house. So.. i am in no hurry to sit in there.
There is another exciting thing , that i just got a drawing table
as well, so i am super happy, and can't wait to have it screwed
together so i can actually use it!
I also got a lot of "stuff" for my new room.. and i am running
out of space to store them !!

Anyhow... this is a sweet , exciting waiting time ...

See you soon,
Thank you for your time and support !


ps- this is my newest acrylic painting.
i painted this this morning, and it fits perfectly
in this pretty old frame i have.
It is for sale if you care.


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So sweet! The frame compliments the painting well.
Congratulations on being featured on @ocd Issue #336, @ agneslaczo.

It's always troublesome and equally fun to move to a new place!

Thanks for sharing this beautiful painting, Agnes!

Nice to see you posting again, @agneslaczo! It has been a long time since I saw you posted last, but it's great to hear that everything's going well for you and your house :)

A new drawing table is exciting :D I hope you will create many great artworks on it <3

Pretty new painting also <3 A violinist girl, with blue eyes * ___ * And it fits the frame so nicely ! :D

You are super kind, THANK YOU so much dear ! :-)
heart small.jpg

Beautiful painting! Love that I can see the brushstrokes!! <3


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Much love to you from all of us at @helpie!
Keep up the great work!


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I liked your work very much, the girl looks very tender and sweet, with soft colors and very nice to the eye, has a look that falls in love, I hope to continue seeing more of your work, successful :)

She looks pleasantly attentive to her music... nice expression you caught.

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Aww 😍 una hermosa pintura, tu arte siempre tan delicado. Me alegra saludarte Agnes.

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