The most wanted woman - My Illustration drawing

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agnes laczo muvesz bride art illusztrator mese otthon lakberendezes kep arc szep no egyedi dekoracio.jpg

Hey guys,

Here is one of my illustration from the recent past.
What is interesting about it is that people request
prints of it, and i can not locate the file in the size
i need for printing purposes ! It is quite frustrating,
because even yesterday i had a request for it.
I am actually quite organized, but somehow this image
is just hiding from me so well, that i had to give up on it.

Anyhow.. i might just draw a better one .. and make sure
where to store it !

Thanks for your time and support !


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Lately, I've been feeling the same with Android. I save stuff... and then I have to dig around several locations to find where it went. At least with Windows Phone, the things I download always end up in the same place.

Great drawing, Agnes. I hope you manage to find it. It must be there, somewhere.

Wow. That is awesome. Reminds me of Klimt. In style

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She's very pretty, Agnes ! I love that crown/veil detailing on her head so much ! Her eyes are glowing with great mystery, too <3

It is very frustrating when you can't find the file that you're looking for, isnt it? I hope you will find it.... or yeah, make a new one and make sure you know where to find it this time! :D

If you look carefully you will find it. Fingers crossed! I can imagine how frustrating it is as people ask you to do something and you can't help them even though you would love to.

She is pretty. I love her veil and her head decoration. I also like the way she looks in the sky. Oh, and how she is blushing! :)

Lovely illustration Agnes!

Thank you for sharing and have a great day!

I appreciate your kind message to me ! :-)

My pleasure :)

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Incredible art performance......keep it up! This is @oppongk, following you.