Saturday night - my newest painting

in art •  last month

agnes laczo art painting saturday night party time disco retro dance.jpg

Hey guys,

I had the chance today to sit down and paint something.
This is the result below.
I had fun with it.
It is painted on hardboard with acrylic.
Size : 22 x 27 cm.
If you would like to own it, let me know, it is on sale !

Thank You for checking it out, and for your support !



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Love this, Agnes ! Those are some seriously beautiful high heels with the red soles ! What a femme fatale the woman must be ! :D Love how you captured the way she stands with only her feet and love the torn jeans, too :) Really nice picture <3


You are very kind, i appreciate all your comments to me !
thank You  happy mama.jpg

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Very nice painting, Agnes! Very cool work!