Oh so many stuff on sale ! EVERYTHING MUST GO !!

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Hey guys,

I have been spending all my time today on organizing my online shops!
There are so many items needed a new photo, or maybe just put back
into the store because it was expired. Anyhow, i had lots of fun with it,
even though it is actually work, and very time consuming.

But now my store is ready for the shoppers! :-)
I am also running a BIG sale, meaning up to 70% sale !

Here are some of the goodies with a very low price now.
Take a look and if you like something you might want, let me
know so i can give you a good deal on it !

Everything must go from my shop, so i will have room for
my new "stuff" as soon as i move into my studio and start
flowing my creative juices! :-)


Here some more :



thank you with heart.jpg

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You are inspiring me to pursue my passion in painting not just a hobby but also as a source of income.

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Wow! They all look beautiful. You are amazing. I will have a look.

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Thank YOu ! :-)
Let me know if you find something you would like to own !
I give you a good price !

greetings @agneslaczo, all are beautiful pieces that anyone would like to have in your home or office, pity that the deep crisis that my country is going through, does not allow me to have the possibility of acquiring such beautiful works, but just as I wish that everything can be sold with the greatest ease and in harmony with the universe and also that whoever buys them knows how to appreciate their art and delivery in each job.


Wow ! What a lovely message !
Thank You so much !
heart small.jpg
ps - don't you miss my drawing contests ? ;-)