Just a kiss - my drawing illustration

in art •  last month

waiting for a kiss.jpg

Good Morning guys !

Let me put a smile on your face with this cute illustration of mine!
I painted this with watercolor and i used colored pencils and markers
as well. Then the finished version was put together in affinity photo,
which is the one i use instead of photoshop.

What do you think, are they cute ?


Thank You for your time and support !

have a lovely day.jpg

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Adorable. I love the cat's smirk. Is that woman supposed to be you?


no , not at all :-)
thank YOu !

Muy lindo dibujo. Me gusta su expresión y los colores.
Buen día también para ti.
Bendiciones 🤗

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Yes they are! Thank you for putting a smile on my face :)

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Ahahaha. This painting is so lovely. Very cool idea and flawlessly executed, Agnes!

Nice illustration

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