Happy puppies - My illustration painting

in art •  last month

agnes laczo art mese festeszet muvesz grafikus egyedi fantasy art print gyerekszoba kutyus kastely.jpg

Hey guys,

Here is another painting from me.
This one is painted with watercolor , and was
touched up in affiinity.
This picture makes me feel happy.. i can just feel
the atmosphere of this place. So i really like it.

What do you think?

Thank You for your time and support !


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Awww. What a beautiful painting. I love the doggies playing with each other at the front of the house!

Nekem olyan ez a kép, ami egy régebbi rajzfilmbe, mesébe beleillene. Retro rajzfilm érzést kelt, ami a gyerekkoromra emlékeztet.

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I love it, Agnes ! I can almost hear the sound of the happy puppies, barking excitedly as they run around, playing together <3 <3 <3 I love the red mansion, too, surrounded by such lush and rich greeneries ! What a lovely piece, Agnes :)