Giraffe - My drawing

in art •  last month


I don't know what to say about it, other then
the fact that it was fun to draw !

Thank You for checking it out !

ps- i am painting .. i am so busy.. but soon i will write more!

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I love your work

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Great drawing... but poor giraffes, they just entered the endangered species list. 😕

Nagyon jó lett. Barátságos, szelíd tekintete van a zsiráfnak.

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So lovely, Agnes ! The colours are very nice and rich and I love how you did the patterns :D The expression on their face is so cute and friendly, too <3 Very nice picture <3

I love the pattern on him @agneslaczo such a noble creature. I love giraffes. I did one once on a sofa, of course :)

I see you enjoyed when you drew this.
Colors are beautiful, I really like them. Thanks for sharing. :)

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Your artwork is perfectly fine. I love the technique you were using on this one.

An absolutely adorable giraffe.
I love your work. In this particular one, I was impressed by the color and texture. Contemplating it is a gift.
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