My newest painting

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Hey guys,

Please check out my newest painting!
I just finished it.
It is painted with acrylic on canvas.
Size : 25 x 30 cm.

It was fun. Now that the good weather is coming,
it is time to paint more sea and sailors and such.
So there will be more to come.
Don't forget to check back here !


Thank You for your time and support !


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Thanks a lot for sharing this cute little painting, Agnes!

But... why are you still using when you have a great Steem Interface like NTopaz (, ready to support the artists?

because nobody told me about it till now :-)
thank You !

You're welcome! I thought you knew about it! 😛

actually i tried to sign up but could not :-( but it's ok.. i will do my thing
like this as i have been.. but thank you !

Such a lovely piece and YAY Spring, I am so excited for Spring.

Encantadora pintura, muy linda y divertida. Me gustan los colores, el faro, el cielo...
Siempre tu arte tan lindo.
Bendiciones para ti Agnes 🤗
Saludos cariñosos

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