Steem Visions Recording: cohosts- @stellabelle, @juliakponsford guests- @elohprojects, @everlove, @yusaymon, @poeticsnake, @overkillcoin, @alexandravart, @mrblinddraw, @zipporah, @reinhard-schmid

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We had a great panel last Saturday March 3rd called Steem Visions. It was hosted by @stellabelle and @juliakponsford. They found the majority of artists and put together a really great crew! I'm providing a smattering of images that came from the show and user handles to follow for each of the artists below. The amount of talent of Steem is absolutely mind blowing. We have so many creative people it's extraordinary.

Steem Visions is one of my most popular posts to date it's sitting at 2000 votes and 8,000 views. I continue to believe that these Saturday panel discussions bring talented people, especially minnows to the forefront, garner attention for the network, and help grow the Steem and PALnet ecosystem. I'll continue to do them.

This coming Saturday is Sounds of Steem. We're putting together another life music performance. This happens once a month on the second Saturday of every month.

March 17th I'll be in Florida with the MSP mods. I'm not sure if there will be a Saturday morning slot for that time.

March 24th will be a meet the mods discussion (maybe we do this on March 17th, but frankly I'm betting they're all gonna be rekted and that'll make for bad radio).

March 31st is the Steem Witness panel discussion.

art by @everlove

Photography by @zipporah

art by @overkillcoin

art by @yusaymon

art by @elohprojects

art by @alexandravart

art by @reinhard-schmid

art by @poeticsnake

art by @mrblinddraw


I'll pay 10 SBD to the first person that breaks down the video to who is talking when and leaves it as a comment below.


Decided to do the simple job of adding the time notations to the names guests - sometimes going a few seconds back will also give you a short intro by Aggroed - but the notations are generally around the time the guest actually start speaking in the show :-)


00:00:00: @aggroed (host)
00:01:20: @stellabelle (co-host)
00:08:18: @juliakponsford (co-host)


00:14:25: @overkillcoin
00:25:45: @everlove
00:39:03: @yusaymon
00:58:16: @reinhard-schmid (bad luck with mic)
01:03:00: @alexandravart
01:18:55: @zipporah
01:31:14: @elohprojects
01:41:20: @reinhard-schmid (bad luck with mic again)
01:45:04: @poeticsnake
01:56:00: @mrblinddraw (spoiler alert: has alternative identity!)

Excelente trabajo.

Hey @soyrosa i just followed you, i checked some of your works and they are wonderful, can we chat on discord i have a project i am working on that i would love to discuss with you.

Hey @deeclown - thanks! You can message me at soyrosa#1544

The video is a blast, the presenter is i think @aggroed cus i have never really seen his picture but since this video is on your blog, i think its you, he started with giving everyone the idea of this video and the project which involves giving a boost to less successful artiste on steemit, the project is basically to give them a chance to be heard and with what he said its working because of the influx of talent that keep joining the group daily. He introduced @stellabelle who has been on steemit for over 2years she joined in 2016 she talked about how she met someone from bitcoin and that is where. She got the idea of this project she is bringing to steemit.
Next on the show was the introduction of @juliakposford who do basically art and she is the one that started the art explosion contest on steemit, she introduced herself, she actually joined steemit last year june, @juliakponsford called on @overkillcoin to talk a bit and he talked about how he started on steemit, i can talk on and on about the video, in simple word its a blast and a very informative one, i learned so much just in this video,, i didn't watch the whole video i am having a flat battery... Oh yeah the part where the audio was cracking too...

nice art upvoted and resteemed

Woooh taking this community to a greater place weldon sir

Wish you sucess you are doing great job aggroed

Continue .. Show the best.

Wow nice idea. Really great.

Thank's for the interview.The art work is superb.First you talked to stella and julia k.

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1st one is the best one!!
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Nice your post @aggroed sucsess always


These are really very fantastic and great art and steemvisions @aggroed.
You are a great role model and a fantastic mentor for this platform. Your every post is very attractive and infromative.
Thanks for sharing your talent with us.

That's very great

I was SO happy to be able to join this show! One of the few shows on a very acceptable time for me as a European :D Amazing artists and just overall fun to hear the voices behind the accounts. It is impressive how many artists share their amazing stuff on the blockchain and I'm excited to see us all grow <3

This coming Saturday is Sounds of Steem. We're putting together another life music performance. This happens once a month on the second Saturday of every month.

I need this SO MUCHO.

This is really great, nice work bro. Seems you have busy schedule ahead of you. Would watch out. Keep it up

Great art upvoted and resteemed

thank you @aggroed great post! Artists are important...

@overkillcoin i need a few fun graphic ca made! I love your art logos

Wow! This is awesome!
How many radio shows do you do? List them bro, so I can mark them in my calendar!

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I've been thinking about our Saturday date for days, and just now coming by to see what follow-up has happened. 8 days ago---really? Where in the world does the time go? I've missed resteeming, and upvoting is pointless now. Gratefully you're just as awesome as ever and our connections through your efforts will pay off for eons to come. Heartfelt thanks to you, @juliakponsford and @stellabelle for bringing us together!

Much love @aggroed. We're blessed by your presence here.

We will definitely do this again :)

Glad to hear that. It's a great opportunity for us all. Feeling more connected through these efforts. Hugs to you @juliakponsford.