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RE: Steem Visions Recording: cohosts- @stellabelle, @juliakponsford guests- @elohprojects, @everlove, @yusaymon, @poeticsnake, @overkillcoin, @alexandravart, @mrblinddraw, @zipporah, @reinhard-schmid

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Decided to do the simple job of adding the time notations to the names guests - sometimes going a few seconds back will also give you a short intro by Aggroed - but the notations are generally around the time the guest actually start speaking in the show :-)


00:00:00: @aggroed (host)
00:01:20: @stellabelle (co-host)
00:08:18: @juliakponsford (co-host)


00:14:25: @overkillcoin
00:25:45: @everlove
00:39:03: @yusaymon
00:58:16: @reinhard-schmid (bad luck with mic)
01:03:00: @alexandravart
01:18:55: @zipporah
01:31:14: @elohprojects
01:41:20: @reinhard-schmid (bad luck with mic again)
01:45:04: @poeticsnake
01:56:00: @mrblinddraw (spoiler alert: has alternative identity!)


Excelente trabajo.

Hey @soyrosa i just followed you, i checked some of your works and they are wonderful, can we chat on discord i have a project i am working on that i would love to discuss with you.

Hey @deeclown - thanks! You can message me at soyrosa#1544

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