Nice and numb. Pen drawing.

in art •  16 days ago

A couple nights ago I was finishing up a drawing at home... and then I felt a bit thirsty. I looked into my pathetic fridge of condiments and no alcohol realizing a walk down the street was necessary to fulfill my hunger of liquid poison.

Nice and numb336.jpg

That was a bit dramatic, but I ended up doing this drawing while sitting there. It is 4x6". I thoroughly enjoy drawing at a bar. Often times it's pretty hard to see, so I end up doing pretty simple line work. Or at least simple in the way that it feels comfortable to me, and I don't have to see well to do it.

That's all today folks,
Get grim,
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Wow that's pretty awesome! Congratulations on the Curie vote too! Man seems like we don't need to always show the process photos to get a vote from them. Hehe. Fantastic line work. :D

It's great you can work on some art at a bar without anyone bothering you.

You made me smile while reading your post.

Often times it's pretty hard to see, so I end up doing pretty simple line work. Or at least simple in the way that it feels comfortable to me, and I don't have to see well to do it.

It might be simple to you but in fact it's very complicated in my humble opinion. This line work is always fascinating me, as I think it's the hardest thing to do. You have to be really careful how to direct those lines in order to get what you want.
You did an excellent job I must say, the expression of the face is amazing, so congratulations and keep it up!


Those are some very sweet and kind words Erikah Thank you!

-Don't die the nightmare-


My pleasure.

That is pretty awesome and what goes through my mind is quite a few drinks lol. That is quite a way to relax and looks like you had loads of fun doing it. I would go sit at the bar more often if I was you.


I definitely would sit there more often if I had some more cheese. But I guess that's probably a good that I don't go there everyday. Drink and draw! Try it some time.


Not everyday I agree. Maybe I will try it some time and who knows what may appear.

This one looks so peaceful and content, it's probably representing your feeling of enjoyment drawing at a bar. Don't people bother you when you're drawing, or they just leave you alone most of the time :o?
Grats for the curie vote btw :).


Thank you. I mean, I know most of the people that hang out at this bar, so it's sort of a home away from home. Very friendly. A lot of free drinks.

I'm on an extremely tight budget, so if I have $10 in my wallet I can go walk down to my local bar and get at least 6 drinks for that amount. With tipping as well. It's a nice place to relax and do some noodling.

Your drawing reminds me of all the movies I watched with a talking tree in them. Wooooaw
You really did great in your drawing there and I love your patience in doing all those works in there.
Go art.... Go art
I love everything in here

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hi @achristopherart
your design is amazing. very original, never seen anything like it here on steemit before now. your stroke is delicate but decisive and fills the sheet with emotion. I first saw the kiss, passion, intimacy, sweetness! Very beautifull. congratulations and thanks for sharing with us

Love how depending on just how long you stare at this one, and just how you see it that you might see an entirely different thing than the person next to you staring at the same thing. Curious how many see the face straight on, and how many might see the profiles of two faces embraced in a kiss that I also see.
Great work as always.


That is quite a wonderful observation. Thank you.

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