ARTIST? Don't Give Up! Keep Practicing!

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Hello Stemians!
It is I, Absolute Ama!

Have you heard of the popular tag on IG called 'Draw this again?'

It's used to gage how far your artistic skills have progressed over the span of weeks, months, or years! Your choice! All you have to do is pick an old piece of art you created, and recreate it again!


It's the best way to boost up your confidence since it's oftentimes hard to see progression on a day-to-day basis.

The other day I was browsing through old pieces and stumbled across a painting I had created around this time last year. I really liked the concept of it but now and even back then when I had first completed it, I was dissatisfied with how it turned out. So I thought I'd do a 'paint this again' and test my skills out!


And this is what I came up with....


I actually struggled with the initial sketch and mocked myself with how dumb my hand must be for not being able to recreate my own painting! 😐😑

But I got through it and she looks so much better than last year's painting!



So I thought I'd share with You!

If you're ever in the dumps with your skills not living up to your imagination, find an old drawing or painting and give it another try! You may just even blow yourself away!



Good luck!





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Very nice painting , I am no artist but I love to see what others can do ..

Thank You! No shame in an admirer! I appreciate your support! 💕

I have noticed that stars, and horned figures often show up in your paintings. Do they symbolize something? Why do you frequently used those aspects in your pieces?

Thank you. I don't think there is any symbolism that Im aware of, but I do enjoy magical components to my pieces. Im a huge fan of fantasy and anime and have always been drawn to demons, elves, etc. Nowadays, I kinda view horns as like salt to a dish. Without it food is fine, but with it creates so much flavor. Hahahaa

Ah, I see what your saying. My older brother is also a big fan of anime and "fantasy realm"

Hahahaha that's awesome! 💕💕💕

Original is very cool, but the second is miles better! Much softer and feminine. How long ago did you draw the original one?

Thank You! I feel the same way! The linework is alot smoother and refined.

I drew it January of last year around the 29th, I believe!

I really really like your style.

And congrats on your first post! That's $119 more than me.

Thank You! And thank you again! I was shocked when I first saw it, pretty insane!

Wonderful painting Ama! I think I discovered your Instagram around half a year ago and I witnessed your progress with each post you made. I aspire to be as active as you are someday! It's really hard with university and work though. But since I'm hoping to graduate in December, it's not completely unrealistic, haha. :D

Ahhh!!! Thats so cool to hear! Thank you for the ongoing support! That means alot to me!

Yes!! University does take up a ton of time but the cool thing is, you can establish yourself now while you're going through school. That way when you're finally done, you will have a bit of a following to work with. Wishing you tons of luck and don't give up your dreams! XOXO AMA

I like them both. :) Very beautiful art.

Thank you! 💕