Talking about Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.

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I would like to resume this time talking about the signs of the zodiac belonging to the earth element. I mean Taurus, virgo and capricorn. Personally, it seems to me that the concepts of the zodiac signs express archetypal ideas that allow man to know his connection with people and himself. It is a method of self-knowledge, which brings great value.

Next, the concepts associated with these three earth signs.
Taurus "I have"
The psychology of the Taurus sign revolves around necessity. It is the zodiac sign most aware of their needs, to cover what one lacks, to have what they want. If Aries is pure desire, Taurus is the possession of that desire. Hence its tendency to accumulate, secure and maintain the achieved states. Taurus does not like changes because for him it means losing something, risking the stability obtained, having to meet needs again. He is contemplative and observant. Its essence is to receive what the environment gives it. That's why he enjoys being in touch with Nature: he loves life. Immensely strong and powerful, like a bull, it does not usually move, but when it is set in motion it is gross when not considering the outside. He has a hard time deciding, but when he decides he doesn't change anymore. Hence the stubborn or stubborn fame. Always prioritize your need for stability to ensure. Taurus needs to see, touch things. Its function is to materialize desire.

Virgo "I analyze"
The energy and psychology of the Virgo sign is associated with the need to order. Virgo emerges from Leo's illusion of being the king, and perceives that he and all things are part of a larger system. His psychological desire is to be correctly located; because for Virgo everything has its place and its place so that everything works better. Use the logical mind to analyze, classify and place. It is the administrator, the deductive, the student who goes into the nuances so that everything is perfectly understood and can be explained. Retailer, obsessive, controlling and perfectionist, he needs to know and understand everything. His fear is not knowing something, not being able to locate something. A good Virgo deepens without getting lost in the smallest, and distinguishing the important from what is not so much. Psychologically it represents logic, order and practicality as it captures the usefulness of things.

Capricorn "I ambition"
The Capricorn sign is the energy that has to do with the culmination and materialization of personal goals in relation, fundamentally, to the social. His psychology is full of knowledge about the effort that must be made to achieve the proposed goals. It is synonymous with tenacity, on the one hand, and wisdom on the other. Capricorn accumulates knowledge through experience, it is the one that distinguishes the essential from the superficial, what remains of the transitory and is able to displace their emotional needs in favor of some objectives, of the obligations that have been imposed to meet to reach the goal. The effectiveness, prudence, slowness, knowing the details and details of each step that takes place on the vine, are characteristic features of Capricorn. Psychologically it represents the law, the projects and the realization. Carrying out this project is their main motivation, their fundamental direction towards which they will concentrate their efforts.

I hope you liked my post. These illustrations were written for Juanita Incorpoonato's book called "caminando con la luna" available in ebook format.


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