Sorceress. (N3-2020)

in #art3 years ago

Good night guys!

I would like to show my last artwork.
It have been done like a digital practice to improve digital skills. Soon I will show the process to reach it.

The best to all of you!

N3_2020 .png


Very cool dude. She can witchcraft me anyday hahha. How much do you charge for designs?

Thanks! I am glad that you like it. careful, she is a sorceress ... who knows that other powers have besides creating fire by the hands hehehehe. About your question it all depends on the complexity of the illustration and the level of detail you need. An illustration would start for $ 50 maintaining a quality similar to this.


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Nice work. A beautiful and dangerous sorceress worthy to fight Rada's creatures.

Thank you so much! :). Very interesting the radasquest project! :)

It's fantastic!!! I like your sorceress and the color palette you worked with. ;)

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