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RE: My First Kick Starter: A Self-Reflection guided Journal

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Good luck Karen :)

I would just use the full link as those short ones can send you anywhere and some may not want to click.


ohh thank you! didn't think of that. I'll change it!

How did you use steemium and promote your post without getting down voted??? I keep getting down voted

Great question !! She made another post that nobody flagged last week... This place is too ridiculous for words..

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Hehe I did flag her.

It's a no brainer lol! Anything over 50 bucks needs some serious wow factor.. Guided journals on kickstarter is far from wow..

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Yeah you are right.. Hehe oh well it is what it is hey.. The more she does it the more attention she attracts so she won't get away for long

At least she showed a bit of cleavage and legs LMAO

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Hahaha I like the fact that you noticed that😊😊 a man always sees what is attractive😂😂😁✋

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