Does it look like a complete picture ? [Originated by Taeeun]

in #art4 years ago

Good afternoon my friends....^^

I'm posting my daughter's work.
She took some picture and cut them in half and pasted them on a piece of paper.
She completed the pictures by drawing with pencil.
Does it look like a complete picture ?

1 - 복사본.jpg

2 - 복사본.jpg



I hope you enjoy this art work.

Have a nice weekend... ^^


Thank you for posting @abdullar.

What is not to enjoy when a young mind is exploring the possibilities of ways to learn to draw. Just lovely.....

Very kind of you to bring your daughter's artistic experiment/experience to Steemit.

Wishing you and your family all the best. Cheers.

Great art matchup!

I started following you a week ago.
All your publications are wonderful and useful.
Thank you

No It's Not What you Say ??

It actually a very nice concept. If she keeps it up, she will end up becoming a global renowned artist. Great job.

Your daughter was great.. Nice thinking ability

Great art by your daughter @abdullar .. she has some good skill .. i highly appreciate her hard work and your support .. 😊😊

Wow, shiro the dog from shenchen. I used to love that cartoon.

Art post good. 👍

Art great @abdullar 👍😊

Its something special~^^ how nice she is~!!
By the way, l would like to know why she does such special art work~~~ ~^^

Yes...what a great work of art from your daughter

따님에게 이렇게 애정어린 관심을 ...
너무 부럽습니다.

Wow this is great! Love the post!

Your daughter is very smart, the result is very good for your daughter's age.

오마이갓... 따님 재능있는게 분명하네요!

칭찬에 감사드립니다... ^^

오우 ....전 사실 칭찬의 의미가 아니었고 마냥 놀랬어요!!! 진짜 소질있는게 분명하니 이 길로 키워주셔도 될것같네요ㅎ분명 아이들 마다 각자 잘하는 무언가가 있다고 부모가 그걸 발견하도록 도와줘야한다는데... 압둘라님은 벌써 발견하신것 같네요^^

That's Amazing picture

😳 nice work there :) how old is she ?

I love it. She has a very good sketching skill.

That's nice Ahjusshi @abdullar :)

good friends work. this takes great effort to make it @abdullar

Good my friends..

nice painting comrades,
once visit our blog, i really need your help ..

Very interesting post @abdullar. Upvote and resteem

I started following you a week ago.
All your publications are wonderful and useful.
Thank you

It's funny!
The idea is good.
Thank you for sharing.

아 이런놀이도 있었네요~
우리딸도 좋아할듯 합니다.

Nice work make your daughter is off to a great start, stop by my last post with my interview with Kodak Film and let me know what you think!

독특한 기법입니다. 너무 예뻐요.

very nice drawing

Nice, that's an interesting way to learn a craft, and I see that she alternates from left to right to get both sides of the symmetry!!!

사진을 찍어서, 그 사진의 절반을 때어내고, 절반을 연필로 그려서 가져다 붙이고,
이것도 새로운 예술의 장르군요,

앗 ㅎㅎ 따님이 따라 그리는 걸 생각하니 너무 귀엽네요!
잘 그렸어요!

Your kid is talented. Good post. Thank you for sharing.

Same picture...but it brings us different feeling. Our life can be different depending on the way we go.

It's great when we have time to enjoy the creativity of our children! Thank you for sharing, friend @abdullar!

Very cute! Upvoted and Following as I love to encourage other artists, particularly young ones who are exploring and developing their talent. How old is your daughter, by the way?

흥미로운 방법이네요ㅎ딸을 향한 마음이 한가득 느껴집니다.

very nice drawings! How old is your daughter? The first drawing much more difficult the others.

I like your blog, @abdullar. I like artworks! upvote and follow you!
i invite you to visit my blog, with my art!

She did awesome!! ^_^

I love this art work,its really an inspiration to others.

I like your work

Nice drawing

awesome work. keep it up.

Hi..!! M'also an artist and can totally understood ur daughters effort..
This is unique idea..I love it..keep it up..!!thanks..!!

Yeah I enjoy your art work :) You generate multiple ideas for doing art for my Kid birthday party . Thanks for sharing some amazing ideas.

How old is your daughter?
You have one very talented and creative daughter @abdullar. You must be so proud of her.
Cheers @joalvarez

hello @abdullar, good afternoon, your daughter is much talented, her art skills shown in her drawing, keep it up.

Wow! Amazing work...

a painter of gods.

how to make to fit so equally next to mr @abdullar
thanks :)

Yes, it really does! This is something strange, as if one part of the picture is unexpected, or in the distant past .. And the color part is the present, or part of ourselves. After all, in us, in each of us - there are real us.
Especially I was imbued with the first picture. The other drawings are also cool, they could be used in any cartoon, such an idea =)

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