Watercolor Postcard

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I was browsing photos on my phone when I see some of my old scanned artworks. Here is one of the postcard designs I made way back 2016 of January using watercolor on a 200gsm watercolor paper.

Seeing this makes me miss watercolor painting more.

I have been on this medium's hiatus eversince I worked with large canvasses and acrylic and oil paint. Doing this kind of artwork is therapeutic and mind conditioning.

Here are the small details of the painting:

I still do not have it's title, so if you can suggest some, you can just comment it on this post :)

I hope you all like it! Thank you for dropping by, have a nice day

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Wow, thank you so much @art-venture !

Oh, I really like your aquarels, it is really nice and artsy . The drops of colors near the eyes, a great touch.

Thank you so much again @pegarissimo, your kind words makes me want to paint again

So pretty, @aalagenesis :) It would be great to receive such hand-drawn and hand-made postcards, I think... Wonderfully unique, with gorgeous colours * ___ * Love how you drew the eyes, in particular <3

Thank you so much again @veryspider. As much as I like, I want to send you some of my personal paintings, You are one of my closest artists friend here on steemit !!!!

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Yey thankyou