Promoting Environmental Awareness through Mural

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Nurturing Environment
Mural Painting for Halalan 2019
Boses ng Filipino

...Continuation of Ipanalo, Boses ng Pilipino.


Not everyone can express their opinion verbally/ in words. So here we are... Expressing our opinion through arts


This mural aims to reach the candidates and soon-to-be elected government officials about taking actions to protect, develop and nourish our natural resources and diversity.

We were once known as a country with splendid natural treasures, but it's so sad that these treasures are depleting. We must spread the awareness that as well as industrialization grows, biodiversity must also grow. I believe that the development of a country does not necessarily lead to destruction of nature



I, together with talented artists (students and professionals) were invited by ABS-CBN to show our opinion for Halalan 2019 using Mural Painting.

It's my first time to do a mural painting and it's a privilege to work with talented artists and ABS-CBN for HALALAN 2019: Ipanalo: Boses ng Pilipino Campaign.

Here's the official video coverage of our mural painting



Thank you for dropping by


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Wonderful! Thank you for using your skills to spread this important message! art is powerful ❤

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