My Artwork for Salamism: Part 2

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Here's a teaser photo of my artwork for SALAMISM.
I named this one "Pakinggan Mo Ako" ( Hear Me Out ) which shows my interpretation about Depersonalization. It did not really turned out the way I planned it but I still love the result.



It is painted on a round canvas using acrylic paint and some pages of a magazine. I might redo some of the parts later. I hope the odds will be with me tonight. I still have one day before the event.


You can check out the first part here:

Work in Progress Part 1: Depersonalization, Artwork for Mental Health Awareness

Draft and Original Idea

Sining Collective presents SALAMISM
Art • Music • Spoken Word • Talk about Mental Health
The World's End - A Pub

June 15,2019
Event starts at 4pm
Pay What you Can


I hope you all like it ! Thank you for dropping by. Have a nice day everyone.


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I really like it, @aalagenesis.... Did it not turn out as you had wanted it to? :O Looks really cool to me :) Kinda shows how the arm is deconstructed and losing its form well, which captures the theme of Depersonalization, I think?

The colours and textures are nice, too :)

Good luck for SALAMISM.... I hope it will be a smashing success :D !!!

Yehey you got my point! That's it. The feeling of losing your personality in reality. The feeling of heaviness inside your body like it is deconstructing or being so light weighted and then feeling so heavy that you're being pulled inside the earth. It's so uneasy.

The original idea is to have the arms deconstructed into some kind of feather or fabric, i changed my idea and turned it into flesh becoming paper, crumpled paper. But it looks like a rock or something so heavy....


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