ArtVenture Contest “Climate change”. What about crying whales?

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We're emptying the seas. What will remain after us? We are now forever the debtors of the nature. After all, the sky without birds is not the sky, and the sea without fish is not the sea.

DSC04476 (2).JPG

Ruthlessly destroying nature, we inflict irreparable damage. The planet is under a smoky hood, the seas and oceans are like a dirty gutter.

DSC04460 (2).JPG

Very long ago, 250 years ago, the Islands of Bering and off the coast of Kamchatka were inhabited by unprecedented animals that peacefully grazed in the thickets of sea cabbage in shallow water. They were called "sea cows". Every year they became less and less, and then they completely disappeared. Now no one, nowhere and never see these wonderful animals. (

DSC04463 (2).JPG

Scientists have estimated that over the past 200 years completely destroyed, wiped out 200 species of animals. It's one species a year.

DSC04464 (2).JPG

Species death is even faster these days. It is believed that on the globe every day disappears several species of animals and plants.

DSC04472 (2).JPG

My work for participation in the competition “Climate change”. Details and conditions of the contest
I used watercolor paper (A3 size, density 200 g), watercolor paints, graphic pencil, soft eraser, round brush synthetic №№7,2

DSC04469 (2).JPG


Wow very nice painting. The idea with the sunglasses is great. Explaining Climate Change this way is pretty nice.

Thank you for Your attention, @florian-glechner ! It is really now a topical issue all over the world

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Thanks for supporting me :))

Your painting is so beautiful, and the message is bleak and sad but so important.

Thank you, @goat-girlz ! It's really very sad :(

Да уж, актуальная тема. Горит тайга. Острова мусора в океанах.
Природа терпелива, конечно, но, думаю, не безгранично.
Возможно очищение уже началось.
Успеха в конкурсе и добой недели:-)

It is a pity that so stupid and inept, everything disappears and is destroyed. Once our country was really rich :)). Thanks for visiting, @bambuka !

Our country is now rich. Bad that a lot of greedy people...

A wonderful and powerful drawing the damage we humans are doing to this planet is shocking and changes need to be made now its getting worse and worse each year

This is happening too quickly and irreversibly. Pity!
Thanks for visiting, @tattoodjay !

Ohh yes it is sadly, there is a cool display well sad but cool in that it is making a point by the Visitors Entrance to the UN at the moment that highlights this, here is a sneak peak of it


Oh! so much garbage and plastic around him?! it's so symbolic of what's happening now. Thanks for sharing, @tattoodjay !

Doesn’t it really make such a strong point I wish it was a permanent fixture

I also believe that this installation should be on a permanent basis there, as a reminder for all people. This whale is a silent reproach to all of us :((

Exactly how I feel :)

A very good presentation of the future world @madlenfox!

My pleasure!

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Thank you for Your support, @art-venture !

This was a fabulous entry!! I love the view, the content and the message! Talk about perfection!

Thank you for the wake-up call on how we are destroying the earth, just moving towards saving what we have is a move in the right direction.

Have a most wonderful week ahead and good luck in the contest!


I am very ashamed, hurt and bitter, but in Russia thousands of hectares of forest are burning at this moment. We were always told that the forest is our wealth! And now thousands of kilometers of taiga forests burn out in distant Siberia. Our authorities are completely inactive and many birds , animals, various plants are dying. Smoke, soot,ashes from this grandiose fire poison all around. Sad! What will remain after us?
Thank you, @dswigle, for Your support!

Oh, it is very cool, i love it!! Very good idea, the glasses.
Good luck for the contest!! :)

A great artwork that accurately reflect the dire situation of climate change my friend.
I have also been on about the damage by humans to nature in many of my posts.
We lately have large numbers of Rhino's killed by poachers for their horns. Some 800 every year.
This is madness and it must be stopped.

These are absolutely wild figures of the death of such a large number of animals. The immeasurable thirst for profit and enrichment only further cause irreparable damage to the ecological balance.
Thank you, @papilloncharity !

A very sad situation my friend and man is surely killing himself with no future.

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