Portraying Loki

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Hello friends! how are you? Happy start =)
I am pleased to share with you my last drawing, the portrait of one of my favorite characters from the Marvel universe: Loki. A villain not so villain haha ...
I confess that I came out very feminine or at least I see it, but it does not matter because at least my friends and especially women, loved it and that gives me a lot of happiness and satisfaction for the result I achieved <3
This drawing is done in 11 hours on a very rainy and dark day that caused me to take my colors and start to illustrate. With this drawing use for the first time colored chalk in which I used to paint your skin =)
I hope you like my drawing;)


Drawing process:


As you can see in the following image, my light-colored pencil was very worn and I had to resort to using chalk for the first time ...

Here's the chalk that I used to color Loki's face, of course he used light pink and light brown tones for his cheeks and the shading of his eyes, neck and ears ...

The hair took me more time to paint ...

To try to give a golden color to the symbol on his chest, I painted first with a light yellow color, and then I used the mustard color on it to try to achieve the golden tone and later I used the brown color for the shading.
And in his suit I painted first with a light brown and then painted over with a dark brown color, then I added a mustard in the center to try to give it a light tone, but here I confess that I did not like it as it was = (

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There are some characters that you don't know if you should love or hate and Loki is like this :) I am actually still confused about him :)

Yes, it is feminine but each artist has the right to add something personal to the artwork and this is what you did so there is nothing to complain about :)

I like his eyes. You used a great color for them. They look shiny :)

Thank you for sharing and have a lovely day!

Thank you! I appreciate your comment. Also, have a good day! =)

very creative!


Hi juanzcorpion,

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thanks! =)

hi @juanzcorpion
fantastic, it's perfect !! I like to see all the steps in the drawing up to the final result. congratulation and thank you for sharing

Thank you! I appreciate your comment;)

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Thanks! happy! =)

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thanks! =)

Well I'll not consider anyone other than Thanos as a villain or I should say a Super Villain, if we're talking about Marvels.

I liked to enjoy the process rather than the final results. Your chalk work, played it very well. 😄@juanzcorpion

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Thanos is a Supervillain =)
Thanks for your comment ;)
I appreciate it a lot =)

oh wowiee,, nicely colored and drawn. Infact he looks equally handsome here. Hihi. I am Loki and I am impressed :p

Good work and congrats on your curie :):)

Thanks! friend! =)

Going through the whole process of creating this portrait is absolutely amazing. Very good work.

Thanks! =)

Haha, this is funny :) I've never seen anyone drawing Loki. He was not my favorite character, I won't deny it but he was much needed to spice up the story.
I see you chose green eyes for him. Anyway, the drawing looks like him, so congratulations, great job!

Thanks friend! =)

My pleasure.

It is amazing how you started with the green eyes and worked out from there. I think the eyes are the most important part as they make him look evil and sinister. The drawing does actually look like him so a great effort.

Thank you! I appreciate what you say =) For me it was a great achievement the result of my drawing =)