ArtVenture Contest: Are we? The Cause

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About the art: Are we? The Cause

Here in my art, I want to emphasize the roots of all had been done over the years. which is the by-product of our deeds.
Climate Change, the rich stay richer the poor stay poorer. Over Population is a major issue where some want to globalize their population not thinking of the current situation of saving our home-planet Mother Earth.

In this Run, Rich people are on the upper hand want to make money by industrializing their production even the natural resource might get extinct or over. No matter the product move in the stores or it is dumped after the expiry. it should be manufactured and he or she should be rich than anyone and be the conqueror with money power and political power. No matter What animal house is stolen, killed, how much land (forest) acquired, they want to expand.
there are a number of people out there still thinking in that manner. At least now we should overthink out of that
Still, there is a lot to tell but the image itself speaks more

The Work Process

Step 1: Key Sketches

Step 2: Doing the real artwork sketch

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Step 6
how to draw a girl.jpg


Wow! Such detail in the classical medium of paper and pencil! I only wish I had these skills!

Thank you very much Friend

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Unfortunately if it is not done then your work can't be considered, the rules are for everyone the same :)

can you pls help ?
-Upvote, Resteem the initial post or Update post ----- which post?

Hi @hary25, I noticed that you upvoted and resteem @art-venture magazines. this is hte Update post, normally as contest run over two week, there is initial post that done, then update comes 7 days later and also done by @stef1 account. But because you already resteem twice the magazines you do not need to do anything else. Here is the post that I meant, you see in the title: there is a word UPDATE:

Thanks very much, @stef1 I think you are a very humble helping nature thank you for replying. But I am new to all this learning step by step. one more suggestion if u don't mind, Pls share the link of the initial post and update post on the contest page itself that will be very helpful and easy pls consider this. thanks once again but I have resteemed and upvoted the update post also

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great post, thanks for your thoughts. We all need to think about this subject more especially with the Amazon fire burning away our Earth Lungs.

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very nice !😊

Thank you so much

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Thank you so much 🥰

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