DREAMS AND BUBBLES: Ilustration step by step + (ORIGINAL GIF)

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Bebé burbujas.gif
For a child bubbles are an unforgettable experience, unmatched and unmistakable.
Do you remember who helped you blow your first bubbles and how much you got funny?
How simple and beautiful it is to have fun with soapy water. Some bubbles, some building blocks or a bucket and a shovel in the sand.
We have forgotten what innocence is and the fact that we can really have fun with such simple things. Perhaps the responsibilities allow to forget easily.
We filled with many ostentatious gifts, technology and things that leave little room for imagination.
We end up killing unwittingly one of our best weapons, imagination.
Let us have complex minds, but simple tastes.



My first lines and base skin color.


Subtle semitones.


Leftovers to define more features.


Imagen (369).jpg

I want to thank the @ocd, @c-squared, @curie and @helpie communities, for always lending support to steemit's friends.


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Very lovely picture, Andrea :) The colours are nice and happy and I really like the animation too :) It captures a feeling of childhood memory of just having the time of your life, enjoying blowing bubbles into the air :D

Keep that inner child alive ;)

Excellent dib, very colorful and beautiful, always continue practicing, you go very well.

Amazing post Andrea, I really love that cute factor in child's face. Beautiful drawing :)


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Much love to you from all of us at @helpie!
Keep up the great work!


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What tenderness of publication. You care as always!!

Very nice work. I really like that you gave a little bit of a story with the picture.

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Great job, @andreasalas! How do you make the gif? Do you have to paint several drawings and combine them?

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