ArtVenture Contest: Crypto Breakfast

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Watercolor BTC.jpg
It is no secret that some Latinos work on steemit, beyond publishing and accumulating, people like me have dedicated ourselves to mining different types of cryptocurrencies to obtain profits that are an extra income or in some cases the net income of the weekly earnings .
This has become a kind of race to keep up, it's a risky job, you never know when your life savings can be worth a chocolate or a candy.
This market is stable to some extent. But no market is eternally profitable.

For me, cryptocurrencies are the daily bread. Therefore, I wanted to express it this way, breakfast with BTC, lunch with steem and dine with ethereum.

I show you a little step by step this illustration done in watercolors. An egg whose yolk is the symbol of Bitcoin.





Watercolor BTC.jpg

And as always leaving a greeting to the sponsors of Art-Venture traditional Art contest.
They are doing an excellent job.

I want to give a greeting and thanks to the communities of @helpie, @c-squared and @curie for always giving us that precious support.

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Thank you very much for your contribution to the contest, that is really beautiful and a great idea. Like it very much. Also beautifully done hands, that is always something that I love to draw :)

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Thank you friends, it is a great pleasure to be with you, greetings to these great artists, we are in the @ art-venture magazine, our mutual support gives us more vision in the community, we look forward to mutual cooperation, a good job my friend.

Hola @andreasalas! Gracias por compartir tu arte, lo tomare para participar en el concurso pay it forward, organizado por @pifc y @thedarkhorse, te invito a participar, un abrazo.

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Wonderful view and concept of crypto.

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