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Army of Green Men is excited to be here! For those of you that don't know us we are an awareness campaign that brings attention to individuals in need of attention. This Army was created to make noise for individuals who might not have an Army of people behind them. The post and pictures serve as reminders that there are people out there beyond their own community who are thinking of and supporting their cause.

We look forward to sharing the thousands of images that this project has generated over the past 16 months.

AoGM has been collecting funds through the monetization of these exciting and engaging images. Our ultimate goal is to raise the $30,000 required to get Quaid #QuaidsARMY and off road trac wheel chair to #GetQuaidBackIntoTheWoods and we are excited to do it without asking for contributors to open their wallets. Your picture is your donation!

#QuaidsARMY was the first army that we created. It helps raise awareness for spinal cord injury and it spawned other campaigns for other individuals in need of attention. AoGM has done a lot and we look forward to sharing our story, pictures and experiences with everyone here!

Now... to figure out how to post a picture ;)


Awesome! I have a feeling you'll have a very bright future here!

welcome if you are new ; you are follows : )

sending you recognition reward ; )