Snowflakes of the world, the army needs YOU!

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I had to check the date.

I thought it may be April fools day already!.

And also had to check multiple sources to confirm this campaign is "real"...........

The British army is calling for compassionate people to go and murder people for profit!
Not only that, they want "selfie" people, you know them, those interested more in self than others, to be part of their army "team"???????????????????????????????????????????????????

You think I am joking here right? WRONG!. From the source below.

The British Army has launched a new recruitment campaign aimed at the “compassionate” Generation Z.

This generation, those who were born after the mid-1990s, are stereotypically looked upon as being binge gamers, class clowns, phone zombies, snowflakes and selfie addicts.

But the Your Army Needs You campaign has been designed as an attempt to show that the Army can look beyond these stereotypes when finding recruits. Major General Paul Nanson said: “The Army sees people differently and we are proud to look beyond the stereotypes and spot the potential in young people, from compassion to self-belief.”

The posters are based on the famous Lord Kitchener-style recruitment posters from the First World War, and call out to “Me Me Me Millennials”, “Class Clowns”, “Binge Gamers”, “Phone Zombies”, “Snow Flakes” and “Selfie Addicts”, putting across the message that the army needs their potential and assets.

Source here.

What other derogatory terms could they use?

  • Suck it up buttercup?

  • Cupcakes?

  • Libtards?

Are just three off the top of my head I can think of, what about you? What do you think they could use to insult people before they even join.

Honestly I am almost though not quite, lost for words with this, I find it amazing that anyone would be encouraged to join a killing force, whilst being called a snowflake in advance, but hey, what do I know anyway!

@Shepz1 hands the stage over to you the reader, for your thoughts below.

I had to edit this bit in, seems the young also have caught onto the scam that is war.

The campaign comes as the British Army failed to meet recruitment targets as it “under-estimated the complexity of what it was trying to achieve

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Now we know for sure the world has gone totally insane.....


LOL too true.

Testy times. Why is the government always focused on war even when nobody is interested in fighting?


Because they awarded a 495 million £ contract to a member of the "old boys club" to enlist people and he/they failed, so it is embarrassing as it was a lot of money.

It really is a campaign at least contradictory, this generation is quite delicate with respect to qualifying adjectives, and I find it quite difficult that posters of this type encourage them to join the army.
Friend also happened to thank you for your contribution to the @crypto.piotr campaign for Venezuela.


Yes it is very odd, and my pleasure re the campaign.

I think they are using reverse psychology, to see if they can awaken some kind of interest. They do not focus on the insult they focus on making the call, Well I think that is my point of view.

Of course we should read between the lines and the end for the military will always justify the means.


I think you may be right, as any form of advertising is good advertising, and they will get a lot of "free press" out of insulting people, then apologize and bingo, job done.

To listen to the audio version of this article click on the play image.

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LOL the dinosaurs are quite disconnect from reality these days. They should go back to exploiting the poor and desperate.

"Oh! No one in your family has gone to college? We'll pay for that!" (if you survive to see the inside of a classroom)


LOL and oh so very true. They are dinosaurs and ignorant too.

Well I for one am offended! They left out the "Pink Panty wearing precious little buttercups" Where are they going to go now to learn to kill for the thrill? Her Majesty's Secret Service? MI 5 is that it?


NOOOOO they are allowed in also. It is fully inclusive it seems now, if you can kill, bingo, you are IN.


I'm not sure how many of them can kill or even be trained to kill, but every army needs cannon fodder, Or IED fodder or is that IUD fodder. Defense is a complicated issue, armies have always been used to filter out the elites undesirable populations from to many serf's, to to many poor, to to many uneducated, to to many what we have today people. Doesn't matter what country, America, Russia, England, France, or Germany, they all want to control how and what parts of the population are allowed to grow and to die. I think we will shortly be seeing the end of the above mentioned stereotypes, I am just wondering what the New Norm is going to be to replace those little snowflakes?


Perish the thought at what is next, let us hope true empathetic - intelligent people, that like to have children with the opposite sex eh? I can only dream I suppose.

TRANNIES would make the best low pay canon fodder!


Eh they are now welcome it seems, so you saying "stick em at the front"?


Starting with this one!

That video almost appears to be a slam against the girls race not just aimed at her being slow, like she was some sort of slave laborer who wasn't worth her pay as a slave. Like really who was the white women to say anything as she was just laying up against a counter doing nothing but pointing out someone who at least was.

I don't know, back in my early twenties I thought about joining the army. I call them up and asked the guy to give me his honest opinion on how he felt about women in the army. (as with a lot of occupations back then women were just gaining the right of entry to) He told me his honest opinion was women didn't belong in the army. I had a lot of stamina as a women who could protect herself, I took karate for several years in my teens but I wasn't about going up against men who could literally cause me harm in so many innocent looking ways that'd entitled them to get away with it just so they could "put me in my place" per their perspective of it. Battling them on the home front was bad enough, I didn't need them locked and loaded to. lol.


It is a very odd situation/campaign. Not sure what the aim is as yet, though for sure, it is insulting, to say the least.

Foreign migrated refugee

your army needs you , and your numbers .


LOL seems so.