ARKER weekly #37 / 2018

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Arker: The legend of Ohm

After a year developing Arker: The legend of Ohm, today reaches the general public. The first version of the game is available for download from major mobile app stores.

Download Arker

In the coming weeks it will also be released on Steam, compatible with the main operating systems (Mac, Windows and Linux). And of course the game is cross-play between all systems.


Trailer, encyclopedia and player accounts

In the next few days we will publish the official trailer of the game and start the marketing campaign. This will include, in the coming weeks, promotional content in various media such as the Play Store, the App Store, YouTube and Instagram.

In addition we will open the encyclopedia of the game in the web, where you will be able to check all the information about the classes, the abilities and the items of the game as well as all the art. We will also enable the user section so that players can manage their accounts directly from the web; one of the options that will arrive soon to this section will be to make ARKER deposits from your personal wallet to your account in the game; as well as withdrawing ARKER from the game account to your personal wallet.

Whats coming?

History Mode

Immerse yourself in the depths of the rift in search of adventures and treasures. This mode will allow you to delve into a solo adventure that will not only allow you to get rare treasures but also allow you to discover the true story of Ohm and forgotten by many.

New battle zones

Gradually we will be adding new battle zones that will represent different points of the city of Ohm (and even from outside). Each of these will have its own atmosphere, musical theme and even different effects on the abilities of the heroes.

New classes

From time to time new classes will join the battle for Ohm. The next, the Soulhunter (provisional name), is already preparing his arrows to face the Berserkers, Alchemists and Izarians of the lands.

Hundreds of abilities and items

We will regularly introduce new abilities and items to the game which will add more variety and versatility in the strategies of the players. Stay tuned for the latest news.

And much more

Reactions and quick messages during battles, missions and daily rewards, system of friends, communication between players, …

And all this is just the beginning, this story has only just begun. Are you ready for what's coming?


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