Arisen Blockchain Whitepaper PREVIEW Released!

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As of this morning, we are excited to debut a preview of the Arisen whitepaper to the community. We will be releasing the first version of the Arisen Whitepaper on September 19th, 2019. As of this morning, we have posted the preview via the official Arisen GitHub here:

Below is the official Table of Contents:

  • Abstract
  • Disclaimers & Notices
  • Background
  • Our Story
  • Requirements For A Decentralized Web
    -- Support Infinite Users Through Global Scalability
    -- High Performance
    -- Low Latency
    -- End-To-End Decentralization
    -- Sequential Performance
    -- Parallel Performance
    -- P2P Messaging Protocol
    -- Content-Addressability
    -- Off-Chain Database Management System
    -- Decentralized Domain Name System (dDNS)
    -- Versioning
    -- Peer-To-Peer Payments
    -- Decentralized Web Protocols
    -- Server-less Networks
    -- Decentralized Democracy
  • BFT-DPOS Consensus Algorithm
    -- Transaction Confirmations
    -- Transaction as Proof of Stake (TaPOS)
    -- Block Producers
    -- Block Rewards
  • Accounts, Authentication & User Permissions
    -- Actions & Handlers
    -- Role-Based Permission Management
    -- Named-Permission Levels
    -- Permission Mapping
    -- Evaluating Permissions
    ---- Default Permissions Groups
    ---- Parallel Evaluation of Permissions
    -- Actions With Mandatory Delay
    -- Stolen Key Recovery
  • Peer-To-Peer (P2P) Payments
    -- RSN Currency
  • Off-Chain Components
    -- dweb:// Protocol
    ---- dWeb Addresses
    ---- dWeb Keys & Revelation Keys
    ---- dWeb Peer Revelation
    -- Content-Addressable Storage (dDrive)
    ---- Distributed File Systems
    ---- dWeb-Addressable
    -- Database Management System (dAppDB)
    ---- Off-Chain Multi-Index Database API
    -- Content Versioning
    ---- Metadata
    ---- dWeb Vaults
    -- P2P Messaging Protocol (dMemo)
    ---- Application-To-Application Messaging
    ---- P2P Messaging
    -- Decentralized Web Browser (dBrowser)
    -- Distributed Web Repositories (dPack)
  • dNames (dDNS)
    -- Decentralized TLDs
  • Deterministic Parallel Execution of Applications
    -- Minimizing Communication Latency
    -- Read-Only Action Handlers
    -- Atomic Transactions w/ Multiple Accounts
    -- Partial Evaluation of Blockchain State
    -- Subjective Best-Effort Scheduling
    -- Deferred Transactions
    -- Context-Free Actions
  • Decentralized Data Center
    -- Resource Marketplace
    -- Token Value & Resource Value
    -- State Storage Cost
  • Arisen Governance
    -- Arisen Constitution
    -- Freezing Accounts
    -- Updating Application Code
    -- Process For Constitutional Amendment & Software Upgrades
    -- Emergency Changes
  • Smart Contracts & Virtual Machines
    -- On-Chain Schema-Defined Actions
    -- On-Chain Schema-Defined Database
    -- On-Chain Generic Multi-Index Database API
    -- Separation Authentication From Application
  • Blockchain Interoperability
    -- Merkle Proofs For Light Client Validations
    -- Inter-Blockchain Communication Latency
    -- Proof of Completeness
    -- Segregated Witness
    -- Interoperability With EOS.IO-based Networks
  • Web4 SDK
  • Four Launch Stages
  • Sister Chains & SideChains
  • Conclusion

32 of the 70 segments within our whitepaper are taken from EOS' "Technical Whitepaper V2", although this is so we cover the standard features that are included with EOS.IO-based software. There was no reason to rewrite what has already been written or rebuild what has already been battle-tested. Clearly, Arisen has many things that separate it from other decentralized projects -- we're proud of and excited about what we're working on as a collective. We can't wait to show off our whitepaper to the community. It has been a long time comin'!


Join the Arisen Network's community on Telegram via @arisenio You can be one of our first followers on our brand-new Twitter page [@arisen_io][]. You can also follow the Distributed Web project on Telegram via [@distributedweb][] or on Twitter via @distributedweb.

  • Jared Rice Sr.
    Arisen Lead Developer

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Nice work done and soon everyone will be able to share in a real decentralized network. arisen.gif