Can Bitcoin Save Argentina?

in argentina •  2 months ago

Amid the sad news that the South American country is again gripped by a currency crisis, I'm getting a strong reminder of that connection.

Good article on the ongoing currency crisis in Argentina, sad that the people have to put up with a government that can't manage it's currency. And from what I've heard, Argentine is a beautiful country with great people. I'd love to visit! If I lived there though, I'd definitely be putting my money into crypto as fast as I could. Or at least a foreign bank account with different fiat currencies....

Read the full story here...

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Bitcoin not looking good at $6300, Dash looking ok though....


maybe, but bitcoin will remain at the top and continue growing.


You buying any bitcoin now?

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Thanks, I like getting these notices

This can happen to any country with fiat currencies. We need to take note.


Yep, and it will happen to more and more in the coming years, too many countries are loaded with too much debt, their currencies will be what suffers.

Like this, but the best of this was when the writter mentioned Venezuela and the petro, and all failed policies.


Yeah, that Petro is a scam, just like everything else the Venezuelan government does.