Updating Ardor/NXT Node on Raspberry PI 3

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Updating your Ardor / NXT node running on a Raspberry PI 3

  1. If your Ardor/NXT node is currently running, stop it by pressing Ctrl + c in the terminal.
  2. Download the latest zipped release from Jelurida of either Ardor or NXT.
  3. Move the downloaded zipped file to the folder containing the existing Ardor or NXT folder.
  4. Open up the Ardor or NXT folder and remove/delete the lib folder.
  5. Open the Terminal and navigate to the folder containing the Ardor or NXT folder, and unzip the zipped file...
    unzip ardor-client-2.0.13.zip
  6. When prompted, overwrite all files by pressing A
  7. When completed, cd into the ardor or nxt folder and restart the node ./run.sh
  8. After a few minutes, open the web browser and verify the update was successful.
  9. Kick back and allow your node to resync with the blockchain.

Please feel free to comment, share and/or ask any questions you may have regarding Ardor/NXT and the Raspberry Pi.

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